Pat & Liz’s wedding at Plum Park

One of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer is the stories I get to hear.

Listening to the father of the bride’s funny anecdotes about the bride growing up and watching the groom cringe as the best man ribs him during the speeches is a real treat. Photographing moments like that is not only fun but also very special to experience. It’s like being adopted into a couple’s circle of friends and family for the day.

Because of that, I get to know a couple quite quickly. I love finding out what brought them together, how they met, who proposed and how, and what they love to do together. That connection and understanding really pushes my buttons and helps me to capture personal and unique photos for every couple.

For Pat and Liz that meant capturing their Australian and British heritage, their sense of fun and love of cake.

Pat grew up in Canberra in Australia. He came to the UK to work in Manchester for three months, met Liz (a Brit) and never left! Cue lots of photos of The Ashes with the Pommes and the Aussies playing (very competitive) cricket. Including one of the ushers giving one of the bridesmaids a piggyback to dislodge the ball when it got stuck in a tree!

When I first met Pat and Liz, I remember Liz telling me that she loves cake. And so their wedding cake was really important to photograph. As always, I took some still life images of the cake set up ready to be cut. But, as always, it’s the natural documentary photos that tell the real story. Pat and Liz made their cake cutting a fun moment by actually cutting a piece of cake and sharing it there and then. Why wait? That’s definitely the best way to make sure you get a piece before all your guests devour it! That was such a fun sequence of photos to capture!

The rest of the day was just as much fun to photograph with blue skies and blazing sunshine, lots of presents exchanged, happy tears, big bear hugs, hilarious speeches, an Olympic effort to catch Liz’s bouquet, a first dance danced like no-one was watching even though everyone obviously was and all finished off with a sensational sunset.

I loved every minute of photographing Pat and Liz’s wedding and am so thrilled that they gave me permission to share some of their photos with you.

(For those that want to know venue details then check out St Peters church in Weston Favell and Plum Park near Towcester in Northamptonshire.)

Enjoy xo