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February 5, 2019

mmmm, cake… my favourite subject!

Photographing wedding cakes is a tasty topic too! I’ve photographed hundreds of wedding cakes over the years. (Just realised how much that means I’ve eaten, oops!). I know, what a terrible job! I’d love to tell you about one of the companies I regularly come across – Couture Cakes, a genius of the wedding cake world.

Read on if you’re looking for a luxury wedding cake designer who can create a fantastic feast for all the senses! One that looks spectacular and tastes even better!

Katie at Couture Cakes knows exactly how to make eyes pop and mouths water! The sugar sweet smell that hits me when I’m taking close-up photos is torture!

Examples of modern elegant wedding cakes by Couture Cakes in Northampton

Katie runs the business from her family farm in south Lincolnshire. (She sources free range eggs, organic wheat and raspberries for jam very close by!) It doesn’t matter where you’re getting married though; delivery can be arranged anywhere. Katie’s cakes have flown the world (in their own seats!).

Iced, naked or semi-naked. Chocolate or carrot. Cheese tower or croquembouche. Displayed suspended from the ceiling of a marquee or on top of a chimney pot in a barn. Doughnut wall or decadent dessert table with miniature cakes, marshmallows and meringues. Oh my! How will you ever choose?!


Katie’s cakes are exceptional. She’s an insatiable professional. Whatever style you choose, your cake will be finished to perfection with elegance and finesse.

Katie has created wedding cakes for lots of my couples and she always manages to blow me away by putting her own unique twist on traditions and trends. Katie leads where others simply copy.

Katie’s one of my fave wedding suppliers to work alongside. That’s partly because it’s a joy to photograph such beautiful work but largely it’s because I don’t have to try hard to make her cakes look good!

With some cakes it’s Photoshop. Katie’s cakes are born with it.

When it comes to post-production of the photos after the wedding, I know I won’t have to straighten wonky tiers, repair cracked icing or smooth lumps and bumps in post-production when Katie makes the cake because her work is flawless.

Such details might not be noticed in the whirlwind of a wedding day but there will be photographic evidence if something isn’t spot on! Katie’s cakes look good on the day, not just in photos.

But it’s not just about the cake

Understandably, venues often put wedding cakes in the place that’s easiest for them logistically. But that’s not always the strongest option to admire your cake in all its glory or get the best possible photos of it. I see so many beautiful cakes sitting sadly in dark corners or with ugly distractions behind them. And if the light and background aren’t good, it’s hard to get a lovely photo. Mega sad face.

Want to show your cake off at its best? Katie is passionate about how and where to display cakes. She’s worked at every type of venue so will be able to give you advice on how to show your cake off as the centre-piece that it is.

Want to see some serious eye candy?

Check out some of Katie’s wedding cakes below. And if you like her style, you’ll find her contact details at the end. All photos by me :)

An organic and rustic themed wedding cake by Couture Cakes in Northampton
A greenery themed marbled wreath wedding cake by Couture Cakes in Northampton
White chocolate and strawberry bark wedding sweet treats by Couture Cakes in Northampton
A rustic strawberry themed drip wedding cake with chocolate bark by Couture Cakes
A mini semi-naked drip wedding cake topped with raspberries by Couture Cakes
Woodland themed chocolate cup wedding cakes with edible gold leaf leaves by Couture Cakes
An outdoor woodland themed wedding cake dessert table by Couture Cakes
Woodland themed chocolate wedding cup cakes with meringue mushrooms on top by Couture Cakes
Strawberry themed wedding cupcakes by Couture Cakes in Northampton
Two flower girls eating strawberry themed wedding cupcakes made by Couture Cakes
An ethereal romantic wedding cake with wafer paper flowers displayed on a writing bureau
A pink and soft gold romantic wedding cake by Couture Cakes in Northampton
An elegant Chanel themed wedding cake for a black and white wedding at Pipewell Hall
Modern takes on traditional wedding cakes by Couture Cakes in Northampton
A white wedding cake with fresh flowers tumbling out of it by Couture Cakes
A white wedding cake with iced embossing and fresh flowers by Couture Cakes
A hanging wedding cake suspended from a barn beam at Dodford Manor in Northampton
Close up details of an optical illusion themed wedding cake in Northampton
A classic white wedding cake with cascading fresh flowers and apothecary jars of sweet treats at Boughton House
A traditional white wedding cake with fresh flowers by Couture Cakes in Northampton
A Great Gatsby themed wedding cake display by Couture Cakes in Northampton
Miniature gold wedding cakes for a Great Gatsby theme wedding by Couture Cakes

Looking for an incredible wedding cake designer?

Contact Katie!


Instagram: @couture.cakes.katie.sanderson

Facebook: @KatieWattsCoutureCakes

Pinterest: @katieannewatts

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