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November 30, 2017

Serendipity Brides is a wedding dress shop in Weedon in Northamptonshire. I first met Lisa, the owner, at an industry event she held at her shop; and I was hooked from the start. Since then we’ve worked on several shoots together and many of my brides have bought their dresses from her. The shop is beautiful with an amazing range of designers and dresses, many of which are exclusive to Serendipity in the UK. Lisa herself is beyond lovely, hard-working and incredibly knowledgeable about all things dresses. She’s one of my business BFFs and I’m very excited to share her interview with you…

How did Serendipity Brides come about?

Like many people in the wedding industry, my business was inspired and started after my own experience as a bride. I got married in 2005 and back then I felt there was a need for more dress shops that were fashionable and inspiring, with beautiful décor and surroundings. I wanted to do something different.

I grew up in Weedon where my shop is and one day as we were driving past I said to my Dad “I’m going to set up a shop on the A45” and he thought I was mad! It’s turned out to be the perfect location though.

I named the shop ‘Serendipity’ because it was the first film that my husband, Ryan, and I watched together. We’ve been open for 14 years now.


What’s a typical day in the shop like?

Every day is different.

Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days. We don’t stop all day and that’s definitely the fun part; meeting so many different people all getting married at different venues and looking for so many different things from a dress.

Mid-week we still see brides but it’s more about all the behind the scenes things that you don’t see. Like placing orders, making appointments and making sure everything is as it should be.


What do you love most about your job?

I love the moment when someone finds the right dress. You can see it in their body language and you can just tell they’ve fallen in love with it. The day they come to collect it and take it home for their wedding is very special too.


What’s the hardest thing about your job?

I’ve always been and always will be a ‘people-pleaser’. If a bride isn’t 100% happy, then I’m not either. I want everything to be perfect. I’m a worrier and haven’t slept since 2004!


What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you during an appointment?

It’s one that happens quite a lot. It can be really difficult when a Bride’s Mum doesn’t like the dress her daughter has fallen in love with and won’t leave it alone. I’ve seen Mums and Brides going round in circles for hours and even shouting at each other. I know it’s because the Mum just wants her daughter to look beautiful but it can feel quite awkward. I have to be very diplomatic and try to diffuse the situation.

On a funnier note, one time a big spider was caught up in the tulle skirt of a dress. I screamed and ran out of the room! Leaving the bride behind!


Is there a dress or a bride that sticks out in your mind as being really memorable?

Ohh a dress! Kristene by Claire Pettibone.  It’s my all-time favourite dress and has been for 7 years. The girls in the shop sometimes put it in the sample sale as a joke! I hate the thought of it ever being there! I hope my daughter Marley will wear it one day!


Who would you most like to dress for their wedding?

My daughter Marley. I can’t wait to help Marley when her time comes. I won’t be that Mum! [See above] But she will wear Kristene by Claire Pettibone! [See above!]


What do you do when you get home from a day at the shop?

Put on my PJs and slippers. There’s always some music on, usually country music, Zac Brown Band is my favourite. My husband, daughter and I will dance around the kitchen making a nice dinner for the three of us. Then it’s time to relax in front of the TV. Sometimes with a nice glass of red and if my fave show Hart of Dixie is on I can’t be moved!


If you could give a bride one piece of advice about her wedding dress, what would it be?

Go with your instinct. Always follow your heart. Don’t worry about what other people might think, don’t worry if you’re going to be hot or cold, or if it suits your venue. If you feel amazing you’ll look amazing. That’s all that matters.

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