Serendipity Brides

Introducing … Serendipity Brides!

Being inside the Serendipity Brides boutique makes me feel like a kid again. An excitable kid that can’t contain themselves, darting from place to place, wanting to look at everything all at once. Now now now! Gimme all the dresses! The accessories too. And oh look! Make-uuuuup.

And I’m not even getting married. So imagine what a dream it would be if you’re actually on a dress hunt! Like you. You lucky duck!

But it’s not just the pretty that’s waiting inside. It’s the people too. Serendipity Brides is run by a lovely lady (who I’m proud to call a friend) called Lisa – and, ably assisted by her equally lovely and talented team, she’s built her boutique into one of the best businesses in the industry.

As a bride, you don’t see the work that goes on behind the scenes. And that’s just how it should be – except, perhaps, for some silly selfies and Insta stories. But having had the privilege of spending time in the shop on my own, taking photos in-between their appointments, I can safely say that these ladies work their socks off and their hearts out to deliver dream dresses.

Their passion, determination and kindness put them head and shoulders … Hang on. We need a new expression here. Their passion, determination and kindness put them head and shoulders on stilts above the average wedding dress shop.

What more could a bride-to-be want?

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The Serendipity Brides vibe

A glimpse of the gorgeous gowns you’ll find at Serendipity Brides. Filmed by yours truly on a super sunny day at Wethele Manor :)

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The beautiful SB boutique

Have a peek inside the Serendipity Brides shop. Photos by moi.

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A suite of stunning Serendipity Brides

Admire some of the divine dresses and beautiful Serendipity brides I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

Bride & Groom walking with a view of Northamptonshire countryside in the background
Bride posing on the steps at Boughton House
Bride staying cool in the shade of a hedge at Boughton House