Wedding Photography Dinner & Speeches

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The gong has been struck! It’s time to eat!

It’s all completely natural photos from here on (unless you decide you’d like some more portraits after dinner).

Best Man sounding the gong for the wedding breakfast

The wedding breakfast

So called because it’s your first meal as a married couple. #pubquizgold

I’ll be there to photograph your grand announcement into dinner, guests whooping and clapping, waving their napkins and hopefully standing on their chairs.

I’ll take a break during the meal itself. Pictures of people eating and putting forks into their mouths aren’t flattering. And your catering team need clear access to serve your meal without a photographer in the way. Plus I need to eat and rest for a while too. #hangry

But if you’ve planned something specific to happen, like guests carving at the tables wearing chef’s hats, selfie props or face mat ice breakers, or my personal favourite – the after-eight game #anythingforchocolate, then I can pop in and get some photos while that’s happening.

Page boy holding his knife and fork in the air
Bride and groom being announced into dinner
Wedding guests waving their napkins as the bride and groom come in for dinner
Wedding guests clapping as the bride and groom are announced into dinner
Wedding guests having fun with face mats
Wedding guests serving roast chicken at the table in a chefs hat
Carving roast beef at the tables in masks of the Groom
The wedding breakfast about to start


It’s such a pleasure to get to know my couples a little bit through the speeches. I especially enjoy listening to the Best Man’s character assassination of the Groom! If my pictures are wonky through laughing, I promise to straighten them before I give them to you!

Whether you have the speeches before or after your meal, I’ll be there with bells on (silent ones) to capture them.

This is a great opportunity to capture some relaxed photos of your guests – they’re either a) less aware of the camera because they’re listening intently to the speaker or b) have had plenty of wine and don’t care so much about being photographed!

Everyone cheering as the groom stands up to make his speech
A room full of wedding guests cheering as the groom mentions the word 'wife'
Speeches at dusk in a clear roof marquee
The groom kissing the bride's shoulder during the speeches
The bride wiping a tear away during the groom's speech
The bride cheering during the groom's speech
Groom praising his wife during the speeches
Humorous expressions during the Groom's speech at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire
Bride doubled over laughing at the groom's speech
Bride laughing at the best man's speech
Bride and groom reacting to the best man's speech
Mother of the bride laughing at the father of the bride crying
Parents of the bride and groom laughing at the speeches
Wedding guests laughing at the speeches
Parents of the groom cover their ears during the best man's speech
Wedding guests clapping at the speeches
Wedding guests toasting the bride and groom

Did someone say cake?

Again, whenever you do it – before dinner, after the speeches or in the evening – I’ll be there capturing the action!

It’s called ‘cutting the cake’ for a reason. As amazing as it’s going to look, your cake is for eating! So the best photos are taken as you actually cut the cake, rather than staging it.

For bonus pictures, actually cut a piece and share it there and then. That’s a good way of making sure you get some too!

A classic cutting of the wedding cake photo
Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake with a sword
Bride and groom struggling to cut their cake of cheeses
Bride feeing the groom some wedding cake
Bride and groom laughing after cutting their cake