Getting Ready Wedding Photos

‘Morning, sunshine!

It’s about to get very exciting! Whether you’re preparing at home, a hotel or your wedding venue, there’s lots of action and emotion about to unfold.


Champagne toasts. Giggling with the girls while you’re having your hair and make-up done. The glee of opening gorgeous gifts. Happy tears when you read the words in the card from your Groom. Dad making last minute changes to his speech. Your fur baby curled up and snoozing through it all. Flower girls twirling in their dresses. Bridesmaids helping you put your dress on. Proud parents looking on as you walk down the stairs…

I’ve got your back though! I want you to look good in all your photographs. So there’s strictly no photos before your face is done and the rollers are out! (Unless you tell me that’s ok!)

Fitting in around you

I usually allow a couple of hours to photograph this stage. Partly because there’s a lot to capture but also because it can get a bit crazy when everyone realises there’s only an hour to go before you need to leave. That’s often a moment of panic and everything suddenly becomes a rush. If I turn up then it can add to the pressure. It’s far more relaxed when I arrive with plenty of time to spare. I promise to give you space though.

I’ll spend a fair amount of time paying due diligence to your dress, shoes and any other outfit details. And if you’re getting ready in the same place as your ceremony and/or reception, I’ll pop out to get photos of the venue and décor too.

“Sarah’s calm presence is the perfect tonic for a nervous bride and groom.” Hugo & Laura Day

I’ll be working in the background, totally around you, capturing everything just as it happens. Nothing will be staged and I won’t interrupt you. I’ll just fit in with whatever’s going on.

I recommend doing all formal photos at the reception. Everyone will understandably be preoccupied at this point so saving them for later will mean everyone will be more relaxed and look much happier, and I can put a bit more time and care into doing them well.

A view of two rooms during bridal prep

Want pictures of both of you getting ready?

It’s nice to have both sides of the story so you can see what each other was up to.

If you book a second photographer (or you’re both staying at the same place and are cunning with your timings!) you can have photos of both of you getting ready.

Whatever the boys are doing there’s usually plenty of banter! From a round of golf, a family game of croquet or battling it out on the PlayStation to ironing shirts, figuring out how to tie cravats and how to fold pocket squares or even harder, how to fit a pocket watch #sponsoredbyYouTube … It’s all great to look back on.

Groom not into getting ready photos?

Why not start with photos enjoying a pint (and cheeky chaser, shhhh!) at the pub or walking to church?