Wedding Photography Style – Celebration

Pure, wholesome, unbridled joy

There’s a deep reality in a wedding but it’s a celebration too. So my couples tend to want a fun day where their guests are having a ball.

And when everyone gets right behind that it’s just the best atmosphere to photograph! It might be less ‘polite smile’ and more ‘throw your head back with laughter’, but no matter what kind of joy your wedding day holds, you can be sure I’ll capture it.

A high energy wedding is my favourite kind!

Laughing hard, high-fives, fist pumps, playing drunken rounders, Dad-dancing (or even funnier, Grandad-dancing) … it’s a pleasure for me to capture all the shenanigans and forever immortalise those hilarous, and sometimes frankly embarassing, moments so that you can whip those photos out and thoroughly rinse your guests for ever and ever.

Without a doubt, I’ll have the biggest grin and be laughing along with you while photographing moments like these!

Capturing this sort of energy is often more about listening than watching. I want to be where the noisy people are! I like to keep my ears open so I can sense when a moment is building and get there to catch it before it’s all over. It’s a life lesson in patience and always being ready!

Some of my favourite moments of celebration …

Let me know which is your favourite!

Putting the festival into Shambala during a wedding at Kelmarsh Hall in Northampton


I have no idea. But they were enjoying themselves! At Rushton Hall, Kettering.


Dancing into the weekend. At Notley Abbey in Thame, Oxfordshire.


Splat the rat winner! At Wadenhoe House, Peterborough.


It’s wedding photographer bingo. *Crosses off photo bomb*. At Wadenhoe House in Peterborough.


Why wait?! At St. Marie’s church in Rugby.


We did it! High five! At Dunchurch Park, Rugby


I put a ring on it! At St Mary & St Giles church in Stony Stratford.


That’s settled then. I’m Head of the Household. At Rushton Hall, Northants.


Hands up if you’re ready for Friyay … At Eltham Palace, London.


If you know, you know. But I don’t. At Wick Bottom Barn, near Marlborough, Wiltshire.


Taxi for Natalia! At Holdenby House in Northampton.


Party like you mean it. At Dodford Manor in Northants.


I got spotted! At Kelmarsh Hall in Northants.


Strictly First Dancing. At Notley Abbey in Thame, Oxfordshire.


I’ll never ask you to do anything like this. But if you do it naturally … I’m all over it! At Kelmarsh Hall in Northampton.


Big ears. Big mic. Big fun. At Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire.


Got to love a Vicar who enjoys their work! At All Saints church, Milton Keynes village.


Alcohol with a chance of rounders balls. At Wadenhoe House in Peterborough.


If I’m asked to do this shot I always tell the guys how high the previous Groom went (and add a bit more). Then it’s game on! And time for me to pray I get the shot! At St Tewdrics Park, Chepstow.