Wedding Photography Style – Location

Location, location …

I’m really inspired by the work of architects, garden landscapers and interior designers. I also love the natural shapes and structure of nature. So my wedding photography is heavily influenced by those things. So wherever you choose, I’ll make the most of it and really show it off in your photos.

I’ve photographed weddings at all kinds of places: country houses, medieval churches, stately homes, village greens, rustic farms, cosy barns, open fields, quirky tipis … and find inspiration and beauty in all of them. It might be strong symmetry at one location and a perfect curve of long grass at another.

For me, it’s important to show the overall feeling of the setting so as well as looking for great light and wonderful backgrounds, I’ll also be looking out for elements that indicate the time of year and the weather; all the little details as well as the obvious ones.

Every wedding venue has iconic features

The silhouette of Holdenby House’s chimneys, the golden columns of the Colonnade at Boughton House, the big skies at Dodford Manor … These are things I’ll always capture in some way and they’re often the spots that I make a beeline for during the portraits. I love to position my couple so that they look like they’re an integral part of the architecture or landscape.

But whether I’m shooting documentary wedding photos, portraits, groups or details I’ll look for the features and focal points that epitomise your venue and its’ style, and then use lots of negative space to allow the location into the images. That way, your photos will have a sense of place and you’ll immediately see where you were when you look back at them, rather than photos that could have been taken anywhere.

And I have hawk eyes! So I’ll also be noticing things like a grand weather vane against an expanse of bright blue sky, the time on the clock as you come out of church, the bespoke detail in a leaded window …

Some of my favourite ‘show off the venue’ photos …

A bird’s eye view of Kelmarsh Hall


Leaving church at Furtho Manor Farm


Little lambs playing in the field at Fawsley church


Classic green & white flowers at Great Brington church


L: Beautiful soft light and details in the lych gate at St Cadocs church in Newport

R: A romantic moment at Ettington Park


1.55pm and coming out of St Mary’s church in East Haddon, Northants


A quick game of chess during the morning preparations at Chicheley Hall


Two glorious church doors. They don’t often look as good as this from the inside!


All the rafters and tassles in the world at Wick Bottom Barn in Wiltshire


Red brick + Jenny Packham. Red soles + bespoke window leading.


Sweeping arches at St Aidan’s Catholic church in Northampton


This photo sets off my OCD! Can you guess why?! I still love that window though! This is Shustoke Farm in Warwickshire.


The first guests to arrive enjoying some time to sit and catch up quietly in the library at Prestwold Hall before the day gets into full swing


The couple’s vision for their marquee was ‘like an orangery’ with a beautiful golden glow at dusk for when the speeches were made


The wedding car making a grand entrance at Rushton Hall


The couple making a grand entrance at Rushton Hall


Garden games on the lawn in front of Wadenhoe House


Bride & Groom with their wedding reception going on behind them at The Shuckborough Arms in Southwick near Oundle


The bride and groom arrive at the Bride’s parents’ house for their reception


The bride framed by dapper helpers and lovely lampposts as she arrives at The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey


Even the peacock wallpaper at Holdenby House can’t upstage the Choos


Always look up!


If there’s a lake, a long walk to the other side is usually in order during dinner!


A weather vane against clear blue sky at Boughton House

A weather vane at Boughton House. Could it be a nicer day?


Bride & groom by grafitti wall in Shoreditch

When you get married in Shoreditch and the graffiti seems to have been created just for you …


Bride & groom shot through long grass at Chicheley Hall

When mother nature provides the long grass and the perfectly time gust of wind to make a gap in it …


Holdenby House is a most romantic place to wander for portraits