Wedding Photography Style – The Look Of Love


Difficult to find. Hard to describe. Tricky to spell (just ask Piglet). But exceedingly easy to spot!

Or at least it is to me. I love to people-watch and simply observe what’s going on at a wedding in order to capture the feeling and authenticity of the day. I have a thing for noticing tiny nuances in body language like how crinkled the groom’s eyes are even when they’re not smiling during the vows or how tightly the bride takes the groom’s hands when they’re pronounced husband and wife. It’s amazing how those little things can express such a big emotion.

I’m sure you know the sayings …

It’s all in the eyes, the eyes have it, the eyes are a window to the soul … but I don’t think it is just the eyes. Sure, it’s incredibly intimate to look someone right in the eye and that direct eye contact can show a huge amount of love and connection. But you don’t always need to see the eyes to see the love. The hands show it. A smile says it. A stolen kiss makes it clear …

Reacting quickly (it’s often as fast as it is slight! ie very!) to capture people while they’re showing sutble signs of emotion like that is how I get feeling and meaning into my photos.

My favourite kind of couple is the one wearing their hearts on their sleeves

I adore photographing loved-up couples who give each other knowing looks, smug smiles, forehead kisses, touch fingertips … capturing that is the best reward.

Some of my favourite ‘looks of love’ …

The eyes, smile and hands have it. Ceremony at Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire.


Milliseconds after being pronounced husband and wife. At Rushton Hall in Northants.


Two for one! A couple’s love and a father’s love. At Dunchurch Park in Rugby.


A private moment before the bride and groom’s witnesses join them to sign the register. At St Mary’s church in Cheshunt.


A private yet public moment at St Mary’s church in Orlingbury, Northampton


A tender touch before getting into the car to leave for the reception. At St. Mary’s church in Great Brington, Northamptonshire.


“I like large parties. They’re so imtimate.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby. At Barnsdale Hall, Rutland.


A great big bear hug. At Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire.


Moving from nervously looking away to glancing up and seeing the love of your life looking right back at you. At Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire.


Far more than simply closed eyes and a slight smile. At Rushton Hall near Kettering.


Simplicity lets the love shine. A marquee wedding at Kelmarsh Hall, Northampton


I reserve my biggest smiles just for you. At Dodford Manor, Northants.


Feels like an old movie scene. At Rushton Hall in Kettering.


One of my favourite kind of moments! Unexpected and totally authentic. At St. Mary’s church in Calne, Wiltshire.


And another stolen kiss! Oh the romance … At Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire


It’s the little gestures. And the big ones! At Dodford Manor in Northamptonshire.


You don’t need to see the whole face to see the whole love. At Rushton Hall in Northants.


Well, there’s no mistaking that! At The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey.


Have you ever seen anyone happier to be told they’re now a wife? At St. Mary’s church in Woodnewton, Peterborough.


The emotion during in-between moments can be so strong. At Dodmoor House, Northants.


There are always other couples in love at a wedding. At Rushton Hall, Kettering.


So happy to reach the top of the aisle and see her beau. At St. Mary’s church in Geddington, Northants.