Ben & Carly’s summer wedding at Boughton House

September 5, 2013

Wowsers. The first ever wedding at Boughton House. And what a belter!

All the team involved were buzzing with an extra dose of excitement the night before. We were facebook messaging about the things we couldn’t wait to see and texting about what we were going to wear!

It was very special to be working at such a magical venue on what was a momentous day for us all.


About Ben & Carly


Ben & Carly are stylish and spirited; social butterflies by day and party animals by night. Their Gatsby theme suited them perfectly – timeless chic for the day and a roaring party in the evening.

Ben & Carly wanted their wedding to be elegant but most of all they wanted to enjoy themselves. Their decisiveness, effortless planning and choice of a good team of suppliers helped make it so. Come the day they let everyone else take the strain and made the most of all the celebrations.

Wedding photography was one of the most important things to Ben & Carly. They’re visually discerning and knew exactly what they liked.

Some fabulous portraits of the two of them were a top priority and a few small group photos were a must but for the most part they wanted documentary wedding photography that simply captured their day as it happened.

Ben & Carly’s wedding style

Carly’s Jenny Packham dress was something to behold wth incredible detail and the most amazing back. It had a subtle art deco feel so Carly chose a chic up-do with soft pinned curls to match.

Their flowers were in warm pastel tones with a splash of purple to suit the guys’ navy suits and the bridesmaids’ lilac dresses. The lilac continued in the marquee with hanging lanterns and the stationery was handmade by Carly’s Mum in art deco shapes with plenty of glitter and sparkle.


Ben & Carly’s wedding photography

My day started photographing Carly getting ready at her parents’ house.

I was greeted first of all by Carly’s dog Alfie. That was me in love as soon as I walked in! Alfie was a bit overwhelmed with the number of people rushing around the house. When I went to the kitchen to investigate the sound of snoring I found him flaked out on the floor!

The house had the vibe of a group of girlfriends getting ready to go out. Everyone was relaxed, enjoying a glass of bubbles and having a generally good time. They’d allowed oodles of time to get ready so there was no last minute panic or stress.


Meanwhile my second shooter Helen was with Ben and the boys getting ready at home. Ben had said that he’d really like a picture of his aftershave so Helen made a little series of outfit details, just as I did for Carly.


Maxi wasn’t very impressed at having his photo taken!


And here we are. Boughton House.


This was the moment we’d all been waiting for.

The Great Hall was over-flowing. The room full of expectation. Ben moved his weight from foot to foot with nervous energy. I kept checking my camera settings knowing it was right but having completely forgotten what I’d set. We waited. We waited some more.

Tracy (my very favourite Ceremonies Officer) came into the room and I knew we were seconds away from starting. I checked my camera again. And the doors opened.

Faryl Smith (of Britain’s Got Talent fame) sang her heart out. She has a haunting voice and one that I’m sure is even more special to hear live than recorded or on TV. As she began to sing three small shadows appeared in the distant bright light like angels. The Bridesmaids’ came in in what seemed like slow motion; it was quite breathtaking. The intensity of it all took me somewhere else completely.

Then I had to bring myself back to earth for Carly’s entrance. Carly floated down that aisle; serene and the epitome of chic.

With the grandeur of the room and the length of the aisle it had all the drama of a church wedding. That, the unhumanly beautiful singing by Faryl and a very personal ceremony by Tracy, made it completely magical.


There were a few tentative raindrops early in the day but it turned out to be perfect wedding and working weather – soft cloud, gentle flattering light, warm enough to be outside, cool enough to be comfortable and dare I say, a relief after the intense heat of late.

The south side of Boughton House was the perfect space for the drinks reception. Up on the path it’s contained but not a squeeze, which meant Helen and I could work freely without getting in anyone’s way and more importantly be discreet.


Boughton House has many wonderful features. Narrowing them down for the portraits is a tough job! The staircase is spectacular so was my first choice and I loved the light under the Colonnade. It’s almost as if it shouldn’t be in the UK!


The wedding breakfast and evening celebrations took place in a marquee on the front lawn. Cue classy neon glasses, funky glow sticks, a cool photo booth and some serious shape throwing.


Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Allow more time than you think you need to get ready. It’s much more relaxing to be ready early or on-time plus it means you won’t miss out on anything later because you’re running late and need to make up time. Chefs wait for no-one!
  2. To feel relaxed, choose a top team of wedding suppliers and let them rally around you on the day. Try not to control it yourself. relax and be in the moment.
  3. For a balanced photo album think about having coverage of both the Bride and Groom getting ready. Or if that’s not your thing then perhaps think about photos of your guests excitedly arriving for the ceremony.
  4. If you want to spend more time with your guests than being in photos, keep your group list short. Sounds obvious but lists have a habit of spiralling out of control.

Are you getting married at Boughton House?

Yes? You have great taste!

I’ve put a page together all about wedding photography at Boughton House just for you! Check it out and then give me a shout if you have any questions :)


  1. Sue Simon on January 10, 2015 at 5:32 pm

    I just started looking at venues for my wedding and came across Boughton House. What an incredible place! You captured the venue and the wedding beautifully! Wow, just WOW!!

  2. Sarah Vivienne on January 15, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    It’s amazing, Sue! It would be a brilliant choice of wedding venue. Can’t recommend it enough.

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