Tom & Laura’s August wedding at Rushton Hall

October 9, 2013

Here’s another of our wonderful weddings at Rushton Hall. This time for Tom and Laura.

We woke to torrential rain but by the time we got to church we were sweating our socks off and it turned out to be the most beautiful day. In every way.


About Tom & Laura

I first met Tom, Laura and their Mum’s at one of Rushton Hall’s wedding open days. We bonded over tea and a mutual love of all the little details at weddings. Tom & Laura have magpie tendencies and loved the inspiration from other couples’ wedding albums.

Tom & Laura are fun, vibrant and downright lovely. They love to laugh with their families, with whom they spent the day giggling and having so much fun together.

From the very beginning Tom and Laura were strong and decisive about what they wanted from their wedding photography but they were also laid-back about it. They simply wanted us to do our best for them. They were inordinately supportive of everything we recommended; not to mention super excited about it all.

Tom & Laura’s wedding style

Tom and Laura share a passion for quality and pretty things but they didn’t want their wedding to feel too formal or showy. So they chose a stellar creative team who balance great work with a flexible style to fit with the atmosphere they wanted.

They had their ceremony at Pitsford church, which they have a personal connection to. And they chose Rushton Hall for their reception.

They chose light shades of pink and green for a summery feel. The flowers and table stationery played a big part and oh my goodness, THAT cake. A masterpiece of chocolate engineering!


Tom & Laura’s wedding photography

My day started with Laura getting ready. I was welcomed into the Duke Suite at Rushton Hall with open arms, coffee, croissants and girly chat. A perfect start!

The energy level was high with people coming and going and all the girls getting ready together. Hair. Make-up. Dresses. Knocks at the door. Rain. Sticky humidity. A broken zip. Tricky to fix button-holes. Laura was the epitome of calm amongst it all and took everything in her stride.


Meanwhile Abby spent the morning with Tom and his Groomsmen getting ready. It took a YouTube video and a few attempts to figure out how to tie the cravats! Nerves were running high and it was a sweaty hot morning but Tom is a level-headed soul and smiled through it all.


Tom had planned to walk to church but it was such a hot day and everyone was already really warm so they decided to drive for comfort. Abby just slotted in with the new plans and made sure to get some shots of the boys arriving at the church instead of the planned pictures en route.


Wedding photography is allowed at Pitsford church, of everything except the vows, from the back of the church only. The view from the back is quite stunning though. Love the dramatic architecture.


Tom and Laura said hello to all their guests as they came out of the church whilst Abby and I filled our boots with lots of happy pictures. There are so many lovely expressions at this point in the day that I think it’s a time that’s best left to unfold naturally rather than being directed.


Even though the rain had stopped I was a little worried it might be too wet to be in the grass courtyard for the drinks reception but the sun had been beating down and it was perfectly dry. Hoorah!

We had a handful of group photos to take but Tom and Laura had sensibly kept these to a minimum. With the help of Toastmaster Alan Hodge (and dive bombing bees which made me work super quick!) they were done in less than 10 minutes, which left Tom and Laura plenty of time to enjoy being with their guests.


Dinner was served in the Great Hall which is a very grand, formal space but the use of round tables brings more informality and all the twinkling candles which made it feel romantic too. The atmosphere was buzzing with live music from Paul Martyn.


Emotions ran high in the speeches. Laura’s Dad had barely said a few words before Laura was in tears! And my heart went out to Tom as he made a toast to honour his late Dad. It can be overwhelming but the best speeches are always those which are real and from the heart.

But the laughter was never far away. The Best Man Nick had everyone in stitches with some very close to the mark humour!


Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. It can feel fraught when lots of people are trying to get ready for a big event at the same time. The best you can do is make sure you have plenty of space, give yourselves plenty of time and help each other through
  2. Make a plan for how you want things to run but don’t sweat it if you change your mind on the day. To look relaxed in your photos you have to feel relaxed. Be comfortable, be you and be happy
  3. Think about the times in your day that will be natural highs, such as the first time your guests see you after the ceremony, and try to leave your photographer free to capture these moments in a documentary style. This is when your guests will be at their most expressive which will make great natural photos
  4. Consider the difference that live music can make. It really sets a tone which will come across on your guests’ faces in the photos
  5. If you have emotionally difficult things to cover in your speech, make it heartfelt but keep it short.

Are you dreaming of a wedding at Rushton Hall?

I can totally see why! It’s amazing, isn’t it?

You can find out why I think Rushton Hall is so great and see more of my work there here.

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