Wedding Portrait Photography

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I’ll take a little time to create some stylish and romantic photos that show how amazing you looked and how in love you are, with the amazing venue you’ve chosen as the backdrop. Swoon!

Room for romance

You might be nervous about this bit, most couples are, so we’ll find somewhere private for your portraits. No heckling Hattie’s or Harry’s allowed! That way, it’s also a great opportunity for you to spend some quality time together away from the hubbub of the party.

The style of your portraits will be personalised to suit you so whether you want just a few natural couple shots or more of a fashion style photo shoot, you’ve got it! It’s a joint effort with me suggesting some flattering poses and you bringing the love. They’re lightly directed but not so controlled that you can’t breathe or let your emotions show.

Cute bride and groom at Dodford Manor
Bride and groom on the bridge at Dodmoor House
bride and groom in the walled garden at Kelmarsh Hall
Portrait of bride and groom framed by an arch
Close up romantic portraits of a bride and groom
Portrait of a bride and groom at the entrance to Fawsley Hall
Photo of a bride and groom through long grasses at Chicheley Hall
Reflection of a bride and groom in a puddle at the entrance to Rushton Hall
Portrait of a bride and groom against a rustic wall

Perfect timing

Taking 10-20 minutes while your guests find their seats for dinner often works well because it means you get to spend the maximum amount of time with your guests during your drinks reception. Your guests won’t miss you at this point and you’d just waiting around for them to sit down anyway.

Having a receiving line? We can take 10 minutes out from the drinks reception instead and if you fancy it, there’s always after dinner (if you’re getting married early enough in the day for it still to be light).

Portrait of a bride and groom in a deep red painted corridor which matches the bride's bouquet
Portrait of a bride and groom in a bay window at St Tewdrics House
A bride and groom standing in front of a timber framed house in Lavenham
A bride and groom walking down a path of lavender
Portrait of a couple in a walled garden surrounded by dahlias at Kelmarsh Hall
Portrait of bride and groom in front of their wedding venue
Bride's veil flying behind her as she walks with her groom

Fancy using a location other than your reception venue?

Cool beans. Whether it be your church or somewhere en route like a beach or barn of hay bales, let’s chat about it. If the logistics work, let’s do it!

Portrait of bride and groom walking in the lily pond garden at Holdenby House
Photo of bride and groom laughing during their portrait session
Bride and groom cuddling up for their portrait photos at Boughton House
Bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom exploring the grounds of their wedding venue during their portrait session
Bride admiring her wedding ring during the portrait photos
Romantic black and white portrait of a bride and groom
Bride and groom laughing as they walk for their couple portraits

Golden glow. Blue hue.

If it works with your wedding day timings, there are opportunities for portraits at golden hour, sunset and twilight too. With a little imagination and creativity we can turn that amazing light into a photo full of drama. We could do a romantic silhouette or we could create something fashion influenced with flash. #wallworthy

Bride and groom walking in a walled garden during golden hour
Groom checking his new watch during the portrait photos
Bride and groom portrait in September sunshine at Kelmarsh Hall
Portrait of bride and groom as the sun sets at Holdenby House
Portrait of a bride and groom in front of Woburn Abbey at sunset
Bride and groom at sunset at Dodmoor House
Sunset portraits of bride and groom
Portrait of bride and groom with light up LOVE letters
Dramatic photo of bride and groom during blue hour at Holdenby House

Less trad, more chill

How about a US style first look? It’s also a lovely moment for just the two of you before the craziness starts and everyone wants to chat. Let me capture your emotional reactions as you see each other for the first time on your wedding day, with no-one else around and then have your portrait session at the same time.

Or you could even consider a post-wedding shoot the day after – an excuse to extend the fun and get photos without the time pressure of your wedding day. This works especially well if you want to make use of several locations in the grounds of a big venue.