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Normanton Church wedding photography

Normanton Church... The place where classic church location meets intimate civil ceremony - and nature butts in for good measure. 

Normanton church with two swans in the foreground

If there’s a ‘25 most unusual wedding venues in the UK’ list (I’m pretty sure there will be, if you feel inclined to google it, unlike me) then Normanton Church must surely be on it. And if it’s not … then it jolly well should be!

Because it's a Rutland icon and a one-of-a-kind wedding venue in the UK. There’s nowhere else like it.

What makes it so unique?

The answer may surprise you. Got your “Woah!” emoji ready?

It goes something like this...

Two villages were flooded in the '70s to make Rutland Water, and Normanton Church was set to sink and be lost forever. But the locals fought against it and a compromise was reached.

Instead of being completely flooded, it was only partially submerged (by filling the lower half of the building with rocks and rubble, and sealing it with concrete just below the windows).

Then, a narrow peninsula was added around the church and a causeway was built for access, which created the illusion of a floating/sinking (depending on the water level) church.

It’s deconsecrated and a much-loved venue for civil wedding ceremonies now. Which means you can get married on the water with swans and boats floating by.

No way!

Yes way!

So if you’re dreaming of a relaxed ceremony in an elegant natural setting by the water… stick around for a bit.

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My experience at Normanton Church

Weddings at Normanton Church are a regular fixture on my calendar.

And that makes me hApPy!

I’m a country girl at heart and adore being immersed in nature. So, for me, photographing a wedding at Normanton feeds two birds with one scone -  soothing for the soul and a treat for the eyes.

From ancient oak trees overlooking proceedings to long grasses blowing in the breeze and ducks bobbing about on the waves… inspiration is everywhere.

(And the ice cream van en route back to the car is a win!)

Wreath upside down

Five reasons you’ll love Normanton Church for your wedding photography

  • 1 Pale neutral decor and lots of windows make the inside light and airy, which is great for crisp and radiant photos. This is not your typical dark and dingy church!
  • 2 Flying veil shots? Guaranteed. It’s always windy here! (So don’t forget your kirby grips.)
  • 3 Plentiful photogenic spots for portraits right on the doorstep minimising travel time, maximising photo time and getting you back to the party pronto.
  • 4 Choose the background for your ceremony photos … you can get married at either end of the church.
  • 5 The church changes with the weather and the light … even your hard-to-impress Great Aunt Miriam will be fascinated. It’s dramatic against a stormy sky and spectacular when the setting sun turns the stone to gold. It’s different every day so even though it’s a popular venue you’ll get unique photos.
  • 6 And tonight's bonus ball is... The sound of waves washing worries away is just the gin and tonic for a nervous couple. You can’t not look chilled out in your photos.
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The gallery

Got an appetite for more? Feast your eyes on some of my fave images taken at Normanton Church.

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True love stories

Hungry for more? Tuck into these weddings I’ve captured at Normanton Church.

Cover image for blog post about Darren & Natasha's wedding at Normanton Church
Intimate outdoor wedding at Normanton Church in Rutland – Darren & Natasha
Cover image for Mark & Emily's Pipewell Hall wedding blog post
Mark & Emily’s vintage themed marquee wedding at Pipewell Hall
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Did you know *this* about Normanton Church?

  • 1 Rutland Water, on which Normanton church sits, is Europe’s largest man-made lake
  • 2 It took four years to fill the reservoir
  • 3 220 million litres of water is emptied every day - that’s equivalent to 100 Olympic-size swimming pools!
  • 4 The church has changed over the decades. The medieval tower was replaced in 1826 with a Corinthian style one and a portico was added. The nave and chancel were replaced during renovations in 1964
  • 5 Rutland Water is internationally recognised for its wildlife, including endangered ospreys
  • 6 Archaeological digs have revealed Roman farmsteads, Iron Age hut circles, Saxon houses and medieval barns
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