Boughton House gardens ‘through the seasons’

As much as I love photographing weddings at Boughton House, shooting a Boughton ‘through the seasons’ image library was one of my favourite ever jobs. Ever ever.

Often to be found photographing weddings at Boughton House, I knew this commission to capture the gardens in different seasons would be fun.

But I underestimated how much fun.

See, the commission dropped into my inbox in early 2021, while we were deep in lockdown. And with restrictions lasting for so long, the gardens were closed for much of the year. So for most of the time, I was alone in over 11,000 acres of estate, just me and my camera – bar a couple of gardeners and all the resident animals.

Which proved to me that light and dark are a double-act. Because while it was a shame for Boughton to be closed, it was an absolute joy to have all that space to myself. A very welcome, joyous and peaceful escape from the madness of Covid. It was like being in a parallel world where nothing else even existed, let alone mattered. It’s an indescribable feeling that I can’t imagine ever getting to experience in quite the same way again.

I enjoyed watching the changing colours of the sunrise reflect in the water, crunching through thick snow whilst wearing three hats, watching red kites swooping in the sky as the sun set … I spent lunchtimes sitting on a mown path amongst buttercups, drink pitstops surrounded by daffodils on top of the hill looking out across the lake to the countryside … And I get to call that work.

But there was one thing I didn’t like …

The gardens change all the time. Very quickly. And even a weekly photo shoot wouldn’t have been frequent enough to capture everything. Rewarding and frustrating in equal measure!

There’s so much to see in Boughton House gardens

There’s a romantic rose garden with benches to sit a while, a lily pond with a huge willow tree, waterways and a reflecting pool, tree-lined avenues, a walled garden (which is home to more gardens), a kitchen garden full of produce. It goes on and on. I trotted up 28 miles on my fitness tracker capturing everything!

If you get the chance, I highly recommend visiting. The gardens (and house) are open on set days each year and you’ll need to book but there’s always something delightful to see. Don’t forget to pop into the shop while you’re there and try the coconut ice cream. It’s a must-have!

I’m thrilled the team has kindly allowed me to share some of my work in my little corner of the internet. So you can vicariously enjoy a visit through my eyes! There’s a video and some photos. Have a look, and if you smile even a fraction as much as I did while I was capturing it all, then I’ll know you really enjoyed it.

Want to know more about having your venue gardens captured through the seasons? You had me at ‘gardens’. I’d love to hear more!

Now, get some popcorn, this is the full four-minute feature film:

More of a photo person? Check out these seasonal galleries:

Sights to see in the Spring

Daffodils. Primroses. Blossom. Unfurling leaves. Buttercups. Hellebore in more colours than I’ve ever seen. Delicate fritillaries. Mama sheep bleating at their lambs for running off too far. First stripes on the lawn.

What to spot in the Summer

Rose-covered walls. Peonies. Wild grasses. Lavender. Homegrown tomatoes. Cornflowers. Sunflowers. Swans swimming with their cygnets. Green tree-lined avenues.

Scenes to look out for in the Autumn

Huge veggies ready to be picked. Fully laden apple trees. Conkers falling with a thud. Vivid red Japanese maples. Dahlias. Brightly coloured chrysanthemums. Changing leaves. Sleepy bees. Dried seed heads.

Sights to expect in the Winter

Snowdrops. Snowflakes (who knew?). Acconites. Cyclamen. Exotic orchids in the Victorian greenhouse. Leaf skeletons. Views of the house through the bare trees. Striking water reflections. Snow and frost highlighting shapes.

Psst! You can get married here too!

If you’re looking for a wedding venue, or know someone who is, have a look at this page all about wedding photography at Boughton House.