Gavin & Michelle’s September wedding at Dodmoor House

October 28, 2011

Gavin and Michelle got married at Dodmoor House in Northamptonshire. Dodmoor House is one of my favourite places to work; largely because the team are so great and everything runs brilliantly.

Gavin and Michelle had all four seasons in one day. As I arrived it was dry but it soon turned to rain. Then it hailed. Cannon balls. And minutes before the ceremony was due to start we had full on thunder and lightening. The rain was torrential and bouncing off the floor so the ceremony was delayed until it eased off. Luckily it did calm down and the team at Dodmoor brought all hands on deck to sweep away as much of the rain as possible for Michelle’s walk across the courtyard to the ceremony room. A sign of a good venue that!

But Michelle was just there to marry Gavin and that was all she needed. The weather didn’t matter one bit.

Michelle is in the RAF and being in such a male dominated career said that normally rocks up in a casual outfit and without make-up; so on her wedding day she wanted to go all out pretty. And she looked sensational. Her dress was ‘Samantha’ by Sassi Holford which she wore with a cute little lace jacket, buttoned at the back, for the ceremony and then swapped the jacket for a stylish sash in the evening.

Gavin is her perfect gentleman; he held her hand tightly during the ceremony, pulled out her chair to sit down for dinner, held doors open and had an adoring glint in his eye all day long.

Beautiful venues and lovely details are great to photograph but the best bit for me is sharing and capturing the emotion of a wedding. So I love it when a couple wear their hearts on their sleeves. Which is exactly what Gavin and Michelle did.

Michelle got ready with her Bridesmaids in the Dodford Room and honeymoon suite which is a lovely light, large space. There was a real buzz of excitement as everyone pitched in with final preparations and did their make-up. Michelle decided to spend the money she would have spent on having a make-up artist to have make-up lessons, so that she could do her own make-up on the day and then have the skills to continue doing it well afterwards.

The Catesby Barn looked wonderful set up for dinner with lots of DIY touches including a vintage style bird cage table plan, postcard table names and little flower pot place-cards.

Gavin had planned their honeymoon as a surprise for Michelle. To end the speeches Gavin explained that there was an envelope on each table which revealed where their honeymoon would be. Michelle’s reactions as she made her way around the room and opened each envelope will stay with me for a long time. Imagine excited screams, gasps of shock and tears of joy with all the guests loving the reveal. In Gavin’s words: “I don’t think that could have gone any better really!” He’s a keeper.

After the meal everyone went back into the Courtyard Barn for dessert canapes and coffee. It was a lovely time for everyone to relax and chat before Gavin and Michelle cut their cake and the evening party started.

Are you having your wedding at Dodmoor House?

Then put your feet up and settle in for a bit :)

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And if you like what you see, tell me about your wedding plans so far and I’ll email you a copy of my brochure.


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