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Immortalise your love story with a wedding album

It’s the precious heirloom preserved on your bookshelf.

The beautiful keepsake that has pride of place on your coffee table. The tangible treasure you can hold, touch and look through to transport you straight back into the wonder of your wedding day.

It is … your wedding album.

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The thought came to me while I was on my knees in the lounge, surrounded by dusty boxes from the loft that were filled with family photos and treasures of the past. Smile growing, heart happy, I flicked through a forgotten but beloved photo album and thought to myself:

“These photos are really magical.”

And they become more and more precious each time I look.

But a photo unprinted is a photo unloved.

Photos are designed to be seen and adored.

And after the priceless investment you’ve made in your wedding photography, an album is the final piece of the puzzle in capturing – and enjoying - your wedding.

Don’t neglect your memories on a USB (which, let’s be honest, like other technology – looking at you, floppy discs - could be obsolete in a few years).

Give them the love they deserve in an album.

A wedding album...

  • Creates a tangible legacy of your love
  • Is the safest way to archive and immortalise your wedding day
  • Fully captures your love story so it can be enjoyed and appreciated for years, lifetimes and generations to come.

So glad we did our album. It's the go-to we both love to recall our happy day.


Pro tip

Pop a wedding album on your gift list! It’s a clever way of paying for your album without actually having to pay for it. Plus, your guests will be over the moon to forfeit the forks and casserole dish, and give you a keepsake you’ll cherish forever.

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The SVP wedding albums

Every couple, and every wedding, is unique. Which is why I believe your wedding album should be hand-made just for you.

I (virtually) travelled the globe and hunted down the best of the best albums. Believe me when I say I've done my research!

Sourced from the UK and New Zealand, the two styles of wedding album I offer are:

  • Fine art books
  • Matted albums
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Fancy a peek at some real-life wedding albums?

Prepare your peepers – I’ve got just the thing.

Cover for matted wedding album blog post
The matted photo album
Cover for 12x12" fine art wedding album blog post
The 12×12″ fine art wedding album
Cover image for 10x10 fine art wedding book blog post
The 10×10″ fine art wedding book
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One of the many things I love about my wedding albums is that the possibilities are endless. There are no templates and absolutely nothing off the shelf.

And while each style of album is different, they’re all:

  • Classic pieces designed to be cherished for years

  • Beautifully presented, inside and out

  • Made to exacting standards with lots of love and exquisite attention to detail

  • Given the same generous lashings of TLC as your wedding photos

  • Designed and handmade just for you, completely bespoke and highly customisable.


  • Fine art books from

    ...................................................................... £600

  • Matted albums from

    ...................................................................... £850

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Another love story, happily captured

The album is absolutely awesome; we love it. The photos look even better than the first time we saw them, but we guess they were designed for the big stage!


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Ready to invest in the final piece of the puzzle
and preserve your wedding photos?

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