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Documentary wedding photography

What you want:

A timeless and meaningful legacy of your love created by a calm, caring and fuss-free photographer.

What you don’t want:

A glorified photoshoot, complete with a loud, bossy photographer that takes over your day and makes you do awkward poses for hours on end. #uncool

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I get it. I sooo get it.

On my wedding day, my husband and I spent every spare moment posing for pictures. The photos were important to us, but not more important than our actual wedding day. We missed so much.

Which is why I’m here - to make the photography part of your wedding day as effortless as possible.

My promise to you:

I'll lovingly capture your day just as it happens while you have the best wedding ever.

My team and I have mastered the art of the non-photographer photographer. We’re there, carefully and thoughtfully capturing moments that will become your most cherished memories. But there’s no pushy camera in your face (we’re not paparazzi!) and no weird/bossy/annoying/outlandish requests.

Instead, we’ll be like the quiet, polite and respectful guests you’re glad you invited. We’ll fit in with total subtlety and take a calm, quiet approach to capturing your day.


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You want it all:

Mostly meaningful photos that tell the story of your day … but a fleck of formality to get some beautiful pictures of the two of you too. Add in a few group photos as well. Drop in the photos of any details you’ve planned. Some stunning scenic shots thrown in for good measure. And ah – that hits the spot! All while you simply soak up and enjoy your wedding day, of course.

Good news: You’re in luck!

My photography is like a musical medley. I believe different genres of wedding photography lend themselves to different parts of a wedding and you shouldn’t have to choose between them … at least not with me! My versatility FOMO means you get it all.

As your photography sidekick, it’s my duty (and honour!) to immerse myself in your wedding, spotting the moments and memories I know will resonate with you; while I transform the very personal side of your wedding into a visual story you’ll cherish.

I’ll capture all the big iconic moments. I’ll also use my born observational skills to notice and appreciate the little moments and small quirks that make you, your guests and your wedding so special – relationships, fun, laughter, celebration, kids being kids, loving looks and pets being sooks.

So when you look back on your photos, you’ll get a deep sense of being back there and being close to your loved ones whenever you want.

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Wedding photography pricing

Simple pricing because wedding planning doesn’t need to be overwhelming

What you get...

  • A pre-wedding planning meeting to discuss what’s important to you and run through your timeline (I can help with this if you need it!) and all the logistics to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day

  • Complete coverage on your wedding day, from your make-up artist’s first brush stroke through to your first dance (and fireworks if you have them)

  • Photo editing and retouching to ensure your photos are flawless and ready to frame

  • Unlimited digital images (Yep, no cap! You get the best images taken on the day. No exceptions or limits. The only photos you don’t get are the ones you wouldn’t thank me for!)

  • A private web gallery just for you, making it super-fast and easy to share and download your photos.

The only choice you need to make?
One photographer or two.

  • One Photographer

    ...................................................................... £2500

  • Two Photographers

    ...................................................................... £3250

Plus, you can add some cherries on top with:

  • A pre-wedding photoshoot

  • A post-wedding photoshoot

  • Wedding albums

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Small & intimate weddings

Photography for petite plans

Inviting a select few so you can really treat your guests?

Want to spend quality time with your faves rather than work the crowd?

Does the thought of 100+ guests make you feel like eloping to the Outer Hebrides (literally)?

Whatever your reason for planning a petite wedding, I’m right behind you. Because whilst photographing big weddings is a lot of fun, smaller weddings have a special kind of magic.

Hungry to know more about my services for small weddings? Craving intimate wedding inspo?

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Cute couples making me blush

I’ve never been to a wedding before where the photos were so unobtrusive (yet still oh so beautiful!). I was so pleased that the day didn't feel dictated by the photos. Sarah made it really easy to trust her judgment and I loved the fact that I had genuinely no idea what pictures she’d managed to get until I saw them. It was an incredible surprise. I cried when I saw how lovely they were! 


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You’ll know you’re a SVP couple if:

  • Family and friends are important to you, and you want to spend your day having fun with them (instead of taking endless formal photos with your photographer)
  • You’re wildly in love and believe the best images are the ones drenched in heart and steeped in emotion
  • You want to feel like a total VIP before, during and after your wedding day.

“That’s us, Sarah!”

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Yay! Your next steps are to...

  1. Do a happy dance
  2. Request my wedding photography brochure to find out more
  3. Check my availability. I shoot just 20 weddings a year - so don't dilly dally!
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Need more time to think?

That’s okay! Take your time. Why don’t you top up your tea and explore some of the past love stories I’ve captured?

Otherwise, you’re welcome to flick through my FAQ page or do some light stalking of my Instagram.

Choose your adventure, friends!