Why furry friends are such great co-workers

Words Woofs by Daisy and Poppy. Pictures by Mum (Sarah Vivienne).

There’s no workplace like home.

… Especially when your home has a furry friend or two ready and waiting to make your workday more wonderful!

Which is why, this week, we’re taking over mum’s blog to share an inside peek at what life looks like at SVP HQ.  

And since Mum has just finished our annual review – and because transparency is impawtant – we’ll tell you how we did. ‘Cause we’re on a mission to prove everyone should have at least one canine co-worker.

But first, a bit about us and what we do…

The low-down on SVP’s cute canine co-workers


Pawsition: Head of security

Daily objectives: Bark when the post arrives. Bark harder when album deliveries arrive. Shred paper as the Evil Printer of Doom releases it.

Fave treat: Bits of cheese that fall from mum’s sandwich onto the floor

Fave look-out spot: The landing – with head resting on paws between the bannisters


Pawsition: Chief Morale Officer

Daily objectives: Listen to Mum when she needs to talk. Keep Mum’s lap warm. Be adorable.

Fave treat: The yummy scraps left in mum’s yoghurt pot

Fave look-out spot: The second step on the stairs – the gap between the bannisters makes a brilliant chin rest


Our annual review

What we do, how we do it, and how well we do it

Mum’s muses | Score 10/10

When I (Daisy) was little, mum was a little repetitive. “Sit!” “Stay!” Again, and again, and again. Once I mastered staying for more than 10 seconds, she’d take her camera out and start photographing me. Which I loved, because my beauty should be appreciated, and also because if I did what she said, I’d always get a treat after.

Then Poppy came along and, like a typical younger sibling, copydogged everything I did. But, you know, a whole lot less patiently. Which means these days, we only need to catch a whiff of mum’s camera and we sit down ready to be captured in our furry glory.

Focus enforcers | Score 10/10

Human time is a fuzzy concept for us. When we want something, we want it now. And we aren’t afraid to pester and paw Mum to remind her of our needs.

So when we’re asleep, Mum gets her human stuff done without interruptions. But she has to work fast (we claim credit for her superior efficiency!) because the peace doesn’t last long, and she never knows how long she’s got.

Plus, we provide a calming snoring soundtrack – better than binaural beats if you ask us.  

Routine creators | Score 10/10

We’re tolerant of a lot of Mum’s random human things. Her messy bun on the days she doesn’t have clients? Still looks great to us. Her tendency to leave cold teas scattered around the house? Still tastes good to us!

But there are a few things we won’t compromise on. Our mid-morning walk? No chance. A late lunch? Ha! Never. And as for working late on her laptop on the sofa? Pfft. You know what that laptop needs? Our heads. Right on top of the keyboard. You’re welcome.

Which means we’ve refined a routine that works well for all of us – maximum productivity and minimal sighs of frustration from Mum. 

Lunchtime besties | Score 10/10

We know humans hate to be stood up (whatever the heck that means).

But that’s not something Mum ever has to worry about: She’s always got company for lunch and we wouldn’t ditch her for anything (except maybe for a particularly aromatic scent … but we promise to waddle back quickly!)

Zoom influencers | Score 10/10

We don’t like to brag, but we’re sort of a big deal. Humans love us.

So whenever Mum uses her laptop for Zoom, whether it’s the stretchy classes that get her on the ground and brings her face closer for us to lick – or virtual sessions with her happy human clients, we make sure to make a guest appearance.

Client greeters | Score 10/10

Mum might be an introvert, but we’re out and proud extroverts.

Our fave social skill? Making people feel welcome. So when clients come to visit, we’re all over them. Literally. And we always make sure to leave plenty of fur behind – we know they’ll want a souvenir to remember us by!

Break instigators | Score 10/10

When Mum starts making *those* noises, we know it’s time to intervene. All work and no play makes Mum a … well, we think she’s always adorable, but we don’t like it when she stays still for too long. Humans need movement, dontcha know!

And we make sure she gets hers with daily walks that help her take a mental break, problem solve her solutions and conjure up creative ideas. Or so she tells us anyway. We’re too busy sniffing the grass to pay attention.

Communication managers | Score 10/10

The phone rings. We bark. And then Mum treats us. That’s how it works.

(Although Mum swears she’s treating us to get us to stop barking, but, she’s definitely got it the wrong way around.)

In any case, she won’t miss a call when we’re around!

Stress managers | Score 10/10

When our human is happy, she’s more productive. Which is why we do everything we can to make sure she feels good!

From cuddling in close to giving her our patented Cute Eyes expression, we ensure she’s surrounded by adorableness that never fails to lift her mood.

In-house marketing | Score 10/10

Mum thinks people work with her because she’s talented and clever and creative. Pfft. We know the truth. People work with her because of us! They see us on her website, and they’re hooked.

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to keep the kibble on the table.

Superior Stamina Officers | Score 1/10

Okay, we can’t be good at everything. And we may or may not occasionally fall asleep on the job – especially if we’ve been to ‘the fields’. Heck, in that case, you can expect us to be zonked out for the rest of the day. Nobody’s perfect, after all!

Want to see us in action?

Head on over to the SVP Instagram and keep a snout out for our special appearances!