Marquee wedding in Polebrook

Guy & Helen

People often ask me if I’ve got a favourite wedding that I’ve photographed.

That’s a hard one to answer! I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite ;) But I do have a favourite kind of wedding to shoot.

And that’s an elegant but relaxed ceremony, followed by an outrageously fun and relaxed garden party.


Because my most-loved photos are nearly always the ones that are about people rather than of people; the unpredictable images that you can’t put on “a list of photos to ask your wedding photographer for”. The unplanned photos are better than mint Lindt chocolate balls. That’s saying something; ‘cos I really love the mint Lindt.

And because I get a huge buzz from capturing people simply being themselves, letting their guard down and having fun on a wedding day. It’s a brilliant atmosphere to work in and it fills my metaphorical cup until it’s overflowing. #lifegoal

… As long as I can sniper discreetly in the background, carefully observing and mindfully capturing all those moments as they happen, I’m living my best life and doing my best work.

And the brilliant thing about that? You get to enjoy your day and make a mountain of memories. Rather than spending it posing and being bossed around!

So I went home with my cup way past half-full and spilling everywhere after Guy and Helen’s wedding.

Their day was every inch my ideal wedding to photograph. Because:

  • It was full of personal meaning, from the familiar locations (Guy and Helen got ready at their respective parents’ houses, had a church wedding in the village where Helen grew up, and held their reception in Guy’s parents’ back garden) to their family being closely involved.
  • The plan for the day wasn’t full of formality. Although the schedule was structured, it wasn’t set in stone. And although there were a few traditions, the timeline was realistic. That made the day effortlessly laid-back.
  • There were interesting pictures everywhere I looked. Guy and Helen put a lot of thought and care into how everyone would enjoy the day. Which meant everyone had a great time – and it showed.

That all added up to a seriously relaxed and intimate vibe, and left plenty of room for all the magical and surprise ‘in-between’ moments to unfold – and be photographed.

My favourite bits:

  • Guy getting ready at his parents’ house, surrounded by his mum, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, nieces and nephews. Being in a familiar place seemed to help everyone feel comfortable, literally ‘at home’. And it meant there was so much more to shoot than the more obvious getting ready photos like tying ties and figuring out pocket squares. This was all about capturing family life, relationships and personalities.
  • Helen getting ready at her parents’ house, amidst the hubbub of everyday family life (Yorkshire tea and ham sandwiches all around) before walking through the village to the church, led by her flower girls.
  • The super cool something blue wedding car (Guy’s Dad’s own pride and joy) refusing to start after the ceremony, then finally getting going to rapturous applause from concerned onlooking guests, before breaking down en route (handily in picture-perfect Fotheringhay) whence suit jackets were removed, shirt sleeves rolled up and ties tucked in to identify the problem … a broken fan belt.
  • An extended drinks reception while a breakdown recovery service rescued the wedding car. There’s always a blessing if you accept the unpredictable events for what they are. In this case: more time taking in the countryside views, chatting, laughing, competitive garden games …. plus many more natural photos and even time for some extra informal group photos which wouldn’t have been possible with the original timeline.
  • Kids being kids, all day long. Honestly, these kiddos didn’t tire.
  • Guy kicking off his speech with a Mexican wave and Helen eschewing tradition by making a speech too.
  • The mums doing limoncello shots. This was my very favourite moment!

Here are some of my fave pics from the day so you can revel in their fun too:

Exchanging vows & rings at Kings Cliffe church
Wedding guests clapping as couple pronounced husband and wife
Bride and groom hugging after getting married at Kings Cliffe church
Young wedding guest sitting on back of pew at Kings Cliffe church
Flower girls singing hymns at Kings Cliffe church
Wedding guests singing hymns
Groom signing register at Kings Cliffe church
Wedding party at Kings Cliffe church
Walking down aisle at Kings Cliffe church
Bride and groom walking out of Kings Cliffe church
Bride hugging wedding guest coming out of church
Flower girl greeting her grandmother
Confetti at Kings Cliffe church
Flower girls throwing confetti
Mother of groom throwing confetti
Confetti stuck inside groom's suit
Bride and groom leaving Kings Cliffe church
Bride & groom framed by trefoil in church gate
Bride and groom getting into wedding car in Kings Cliffe
Extra confetti being thrown on the bride
Guests cheering as wedding car leaves Kings Cliffe church
Broken down vintage wedding car in front of Fotheringhay church
Wedding guest checking under the bonnet of vintage E type
Fan belt snapped on vintage wedding car
Marquee reception at a private house in Polebrook
Page boy playing tin can alley
bride and groom arriving at their reception
Flower girl treading on the bride's train
Garden party marquee reception in Polebrook
Canapes by Beetroot catering
Bride hugging a friend
Groom enjoying drinks with friends
Children playing limbo at a wedding reception
Family enjoying a sack race at a garden party wedding reception
Flower girl playing giant connect four
Wedding guests joking with other
Bride chatting with wedding guests
Bride and groom doing sack race
White horse looking on as guests play garden games at a wedding
White horse in Polebrook
Three ladies in a row laughing at a wedding
Wedding guests pulling a face at the kids
Wedding guests laughing their heads off
Flower girls and page boys natural group photo
Relaxed family group photo
Casual family wedding photo
Cream, white and wood marquee decor
Bride and groom entering marquee for wedding breakfast
Wedding guests cheering couple into the marquee for dinner
Mexican wave during groom's wedding speech
Bride making a speech
Father of groom raising his glass for toast
Mother of bride and groom doing shots
Bride & Groom and their children cutting the cake
Couple's first dance with their daughter
Wedding guests dancing with hands in the air
Wedding guests dancing
Groom with daughter on his shoulders
Dad's dancing with daughters on shoulders
Wedding fireworks with trees lit up

Are you planning a relaxed marquee wedding?

I’m excited already!

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