Zack & Ruba’s country house black-tie wedding

Zack and Ruba had an early autumn wedding. It was a relaxed yet chic and dapper black-tie occasion at Rushton Hall.

I’m loving the surge of black-tie weddings in Northamptonshire lately. Thanks in part to the stunning setting of the Orangery at Rushton Hall which is superbly suited to them. The combination is a modern and glamorous take on a classic country house wedding.

Zack and Ruba spent their entire day at Rushton Hall. (Who wouldn’t want to spend as much time as possible in such splendid surroundings?!) And they decided on a team of two to capture their day.

Every couple’s reason for wanting two photographers is different. Whilst Zack and Ruba’s wedding was logistically easy with everything taking place at one location, a desire for mostly natural photos and a toastmaster to help gather the guests for the group photos, they wanted a duo to record a thorough story of each of them getting ready, different angles during their ceremony and to capture as many of their guests as possible.

Of course, you only see a taster of their pictures in this post, but I delivered Zack and Ruba’s wedding photos to them feeling satisfied that I did their day justice. Because so often I come away at the end of a wedding day, albeit with a lovely set of photos, and grieve for the images that couldn’t be captured with one pair of hands (even if those hands were wielding two cameras!)

I’m going off on a tangent now…

I’ll save the rest for another blog post, another day.

Want to see some photos?

That’s what you’re here for, right?

Here are just some (it’s always hard to leave anything out!) of my faves from their day, shot by Tom and me.

Huge thanks to Zack and Ruba for letting me share their photos with you.

Sit back, scroll, and savour…

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