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Deene Park wedding photography

Deene Park leaves a lasting impression on everyone ...
Just ask the Brudenell family. They arrived in 1514 and never left!

Stand on the stone bridge, turn 360° and you’ll see why Deene Park is one of Northamptonshire’s best wedding venues. 

From one spot, you can take in the grandeur of the house with its amazing architecture, exquisite english country gardens (listen carefully and you'll hear them whispering at you to explore), and the calming countryside (including the serenity of a huge lake, acres of parkland and ancient trees). 

And where else has Highland coos with noses that look like cross-stitch (from a distance!), black swans that know their camera angles, and stately stag statues that fool even the local fallow deer? 

And there’s a wildflower meadow on the way. (C’mon Mother N!)

Yep, Deene Park has it all.

Bride and groom in the courtyard at Deene Park
Wreath upside down

Five reasons you’ll love Deene Park for your wedding photography

  • 1 Sensational scenery everywhere you look - which means a photogenic backdrop for every single photo
  • 2 Gardens big enough to get lost in - and find privacy for pictures of the two of you
  • 3 Amazing architecture and beautiful countryside - which lends drama AND a relaxed feel to your pictures
  • 4 A serene setting and luxurious retreat away from the every day - your guests can’t fail to have a great time and look happy in your photos
  • 5 Clear views of the sky in all directions - which means nothing gets in the way of gorgeous golden hour or stunning sunset photos
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Bride and her dad looking at each other as they walk down the aisle
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The thing I like best about Deene Park?

The team.

As a Deene Park wedding photographer, I get a peek behind the scenes  - and team Deene isn't what you'd typically expect of wedding venue coordinators. Don't get me wrong, it's not that other venues aren't good. It's just that here, they're so much more.

Having huge experience helps. But these wedding pros also really care, go above and beyond as standard, and do whatever's needed to make sure everything goes not just to plan but also like magic.

It isn't their job to look after me - and yet they do. Some of the things they've done to help me this year include: arranging dresses, asking car drivers to turn around (multiple times), gathering guests from all around the gardens ready for group shots, carrying my camera bag during the portrait session, moving decor in the marquee to the best angle for each shot, and assembling the confetti line while I finish my couple's portraits.

These are all things that take a load off my mind and plate. Which means I can concentrate on actually taking the photos and ultimately do a better job for my couples.

And if they take care of me like that, imagine how well they'll look after you...

Bride and groom by the wall at Deene Park
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My experience at Deene Park

A quick glimpse of Deene Park’s gatehouse each time I passed on the way to Stamford told me all I needed to know … that it’s right up my wedding aisle. But for years, it eluded me. Then three bookings (an engagement shoot, a wedding, and a styled shoot) came along in the space of three months. 

I marvel at Deene every time. But I feel I’ve barely photographed anything there. See, the more you explore, the more it gives. So whilst I always leave feeling frustrated that there’s so much more to do, the beauty is that every couple gets something different. And that’s not even taking into account the changing seasons. 

So I’m crossing all the things that you’ll give me a yell if you’re planning a wedding there!

Bride & groom on bridge at Deene Park
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Deene Park photo gallery

For your viewing pleasure: my Deene Park wedding photography portfolio. Grab a cuppa and cast your peepers over real weddings, styled shoots, and pre-wedding photo sessions.

Sailcloth wedding marquee by the lakside at Deene Park

Steph & Lee

An elegant wedding by the lakeside

Steph and Lee got married at Brigstock church and had a sailcloth marquee reception by the lakeside at Deene Park. With cake for breakfast, a naked tipi chillout area for cocktail hour, and a surprise Viennese Waltz in the evening, there's lots of inspo in this one!

Lucy & Richard

A celebrant ceremony in the walled garden

Lucy & Richard turned tradition on its head and did the legal bit first thing in the morning - in shorts and t-shirts. Then they retreated to their hotel and got ready for their outdoor celebrant ceremony and a garden marquee reception. All topped off with fireworks.

Bride and her dad looking at each other as they walk down the aisle
Couple sheltering under trees with clear umbrellas standing out brightly against the dark background under the trees

Pre-wedding shoots

Exclusive to Deene Park couples

If you choose Deene Park as your wedding venue, you can have your pre-wedding shoot there too. This isn't just a great way to get used to being in front of the camera before your wedding day - it's also a chance to explore and get even more from Deene Park's extensive estate.

Outdoor wedding ceremonies

Beautiful, licensed, and wet weather proof

You can have an outdoor wedding ceremony in the walled garden at Deene Park. And because the wedding pavilion is purpose-built, it's entirely practical for weddings. There are even hooks to hang things and a wet-weather solution! Not many other venues can say that!

Front view of the wedding pavillion set-up for a ceremony
Long bench style table with oak cross-back chairs and white floral table decorations with candles in glass holders and foliage

Tipi wedding inspo

Laidback and luxurious Tuscan vibes

This tipi editorial shoot at Deene Park is full of 'rustic but elegant, with a hint of Tuscany' ideas. But never mind the classic whites and greens and lemons. I'm all about the crostini grazing platters, lemon dessert station, and s'mores store!

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Bride & groom sitting on bench in the gardens at Deene Park
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Did you know *this*
about Deene Park?

  • 1 The 18th century red brick walls are the oldest feature of the gardens
  • 2 The house has a Christmas present room
  • 3 The Highland coos are called Clootie and Crowdie (they're sisters and named after scottish desserts) and Taliska (Clootie's daughter, who gets her name from the whisky)
  • 4 The resident black swans are Australian - and called Sydney and Adelaide
  • 5 Spotted a seahorse somewhere? That’s the crest given to Sir Edmund Brudenell in 1569
  • 6 The Millennium Obelisk (by the North Front gates) has a teapot on the top
  • 7 A Roman mosaic and axe were unearthed by the lakeside