Weston Favell church wedding

Pat and Liz

A wedding ceremony at St Peter’s church

Pat and Liz got married at St Peter’s church in Weston Favell village. As a child, I often walked past this church to visit my friends and play tennis at the club around the corner. So it was a double dose of nostalgia to return all these years later and photograph a wedding there!

Weston Favell church is stunning and a dream to show off in photos. And it’s spacious inside too – which meant there was plenty of room for David (my second shooter for the day) and me to capture the ceremony discreetly.

And the path leading out of the church is ideal for a confetti line! You literally walk out of the door, down the path, through the gate, and into your wedding car waiting to whisk you off to your reception. Speaking of which…

A country house wedding reception

Pat and Liz had their wedding reception at Plum Park near Towcester in Northamptonshire. And the afternoon was very much about their combined Brit/Aussie heritage.

Pat grew up in Canberra in Australia. He came to the UK to work in Manchester for three months, met Liz, and never left! Cue lots of photos of The Ashes with the Pommes and the Aussies playing (very competitive) cricket.

When we first met, Liz told me she loves cake … and really loves cake. And so their wedding cake was really important to photograph. As always, I took some photos of the cake set up and ready to be cut. But, as always, it’s the natural documentary photos that tell the real story. Pat and Liz made their cake-cutting a fun moment by actually cutting a piece of cake and sharing it there and then. Why wait?! That’s definitely the best way to make sure you get a piece before all your guests devour it! That was such a fun sequence of photos to capture!

The rest of the day was just as much fun to photograph with blue skies and blazing sunshine, lots of presents exchanged, happy tears, big bear hugs, hilarious speeches, an Olympic effort to catch Liz’s bouquet, a first dance danced like no-one was watching even though everyone obviously was, and all finished off with a sensational sunset.

Enjoy some of my fave photos from their day…

Bride's parents and sister opening gifts from the bride
Bride's mum getting emotional after reading a thank you card from the bride
Bride having her hair finished with a spritz of hairspray
Bridesmaids helping bride put her wedding shoes on
Groomsmen opening gifts from the groom
Groomsmen getting dressed for the wedding
Groomsman holding up a cravat to figure out how to put it on
St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Two groomsmen waiting to welcome wedding guests at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Groom and his Best Man hugging wedding guests as they arrive at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Groom waiting for the bride to arrive at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Bride's hand and bouquet peeking out of the wedding car door as she starts to get out of the car
Bride, her dad, and bridesmaids arriving at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Bride and her Dad walking into St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Groom watching the bride walk down the aisle
View from the front of St Peter's church in Weston Favell as everyone sings a hymn
Bride and groom saying their vows at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Vicar saying prayers for bride and groom at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Bride and groom walking down the aisle at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Guests throwing confetti over the bride and groom at St Peter's church in Weston Favell
Groom helping bride out of the wedding car
A bride laughing with her gran
The back view of Plum Park Manor with a wedding drinks reception on the terrace
Female wedding guests reaching to catch the bride's bouquet toss in the garden at Plum Park Manor
Three bridesmaids wearing royal blue dresses and chatting together
Groom bowling a cricket ball to a bridesmaid on the lawn at Plum Park Manor
Bride and her bridesmaid running with cricket bats
Ushers hoisting a bridesmaid onto their shoulders to retrieve a cricket ball wedged in a hedge
Bride and groom walking through the gardens at Plum Park Manor
Bride and groom laughing together
Bride and groom holding hands in the orchard at Plum Park Manor
Bride and groom cuddled up in the orchard at Plum Park Manor
The marquee entrance at Plum Park Manor
Bride and groom entering the marquee for dinner
Bride's parents laughing at the groom's speech as the bride looks at him quizzically
Bride laughing as she feeds the groom with a piece of wedding cake
Bride eating a piece of wedding cake she's just cut for herself
Bride looking back at the groom with a smile as he twirls her around in the first dance
Groom dipping the bride and leaning in for a kiss during their first dance

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