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Kelmarsh Hall wedding photography

Your elegant home away from home is calling

Tom & Olivia's Wedding at Houghton on the Hill church & Kelmarsh Hall, Northampton (14)

When I’m shooting a wedding at Kelmarsh Hall, one of my favourite moments of the day is when everyone has sat down for dinner and I down tools for a moment.

I sink into one of their huge, squishy sofas cleverly placed in front of the crackling fire, rest my head back and soak in the delicate plasterwork in the ceiling of the Great Hall. It’s like spending time at a beloved family member’s house … if that family member had the most incredible home you’ve ever seen.

Kelmarsh Hall is one of Northamptonshire’s hidden gems and is the ultimate venue for unique wedding photography.

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My experience at Kelmarsh Hall

Kelmarsh Hall is one of the first Northamptonshire wedding venues that I photographed at, and it’s been a firm favourite ever since! I’m very grateful to have been on their list of recommended suppliers for what feels like a lifetime.

I’m also thrilled to have collaborated with Kelmarsh many times, photographing their gardens through the seasons and covering the various events they hold. I was incredibly honoured to be one of the first to see their ‘below-stairs’ renovation and take photos for the launch of that too!

Bride and groom coming down the staircase at Kelmarsh Hall
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Five reasons you’ll love Kelmarsh Hall for your wedding photography

  • 1 This stunning venue works just as well in cold or wet weather as it does on a gloriously hot summer’s day. The interior spaces couldn’t have been designed better for photos inside and every season has something special to offer outside.
  • 2 Incredible architecture with lots of interesting features that make for great talking points - and great backgrounds for documentary wedding photos!
  • 3 The walled garden, flower-lined paths and countryside views make breathtaking settings for pictures of the two of you.
  • 4 The cosy, relaxed atmosphere is sure to set you and your guests at ease, ensuring that everyone looks like they’re having a great time in your photos (‘cause they are!)
  • 5 All those beautiful big windows provide dreamy natural light and will be your wedding photographer’s BFF!
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Kelmarsh Hall wedding photographer - Tim Vicki - 1048
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The gallery

Have a nose at some of my favourite features at Kelmarsh Hall

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The Kelmarsh Hall lookbook

Sit back for a minute (or three) and fill up on some of my favourite Kelmarsh Hall wedding photos

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True love stories

Want to take a looksie at the highlights from some of the weddings I’ve shot at Kelmarsh Hall? Find your inspiration below!

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Winter wedding at Kelmarsh Hall ideas
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Spring styling ideas for weddings at Kelmarsh Hall
James & Kerry’s September wedding at Kelmarsh Hall
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Luxury Rustic Tipi Wedding Ideas at Kelmarsh Hall
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Seeking styling ideas?

This fab film by The Zade Film Co won't leave you short of inspiration.

(BTW: Zade is one of my favourite wedding videographers to work with. He's discerning, discreet and super easy to get on with. If you'd like your day filmed, I highly recommend him.)

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Did you know *this* about Kelmarsh Hall?

  • 1 The gold dust jars in the Chinese Room were commandeered by Lord Admiral Nelson in 1740.
  • 2 There are over a dozen rooms ‘below stairs’ – including a bake room, brushing room and a wine cellar.
  • 3 There's a deserted medieval village underneath the parkland in front of the church - which is now home to a pedigree herd of British White cattle.
  • 4 The walled garden is home to over 100 varieties of dahlia – a spectacular sight for September weddings.
  • 5 Kelmarsh’s most well-known resident – Nancy Lancaster – lived at Kelmarsh Hall twice. First, as Nancy Tree and later as Nancy Lancaster (after marrying her former landlord).
Bride & groom on the front steps of Kelmarsh Hall at night
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