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Sarah working on location

- I’m Sarah -

A Northamptonshire wedding photographer for imperfect couples planning a classic but relaxed countryside wedding.

Your story deserves to be captured with love and meaning – so I’m here to help you decide if I'll be the lucky photographer with that honour.

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Speed date with Sarah

Want to know what flying a plane, marketing, and redundancy have to do with wedding photography?

Read my story to find out.

My story

I wasn’t one of those girls who always knew what she wanted to do. I used to tell people I was going to be a pilot, just to watch the surprise blossom on their faces (I was the quietest girl in class and people were yet to realise I was soft on the outside but strong on the inside.)

And so, lacking anything else that particularly compelled me, I followed a typically academic path to university, graduated in business studies and then fell into marketing. The next ten years passed by in a monotonous blur of career ladder climbing and the kind of accomplishments that I was proud of to start with but soon left me feeling empty inside. And then, one day, disaster struck. My job was made redundant. It was, to this day, the very best thing that could have happened.

With the luxury of time and the hunger of wanting to make the most out of every moment, I went on a course to learn how to use an SLR camera. And just. Like. That … Everything fell into place. Ever heard the saying: ‘What you’re looking for might have been in front of you all along’? Well, if my purpose was what I was searching for, then photography was the true love standing right in front of me the whole time.

Sarah sitting on the floor with her own photos and two dogs

Growing up, my dad was a keen amateur photographer and inspired me to use my compact camera to record and capture everything from family holidays through to the way the dappled light fell on the carpet on a rainy Sunday afternoon. In middle school, I took a photography class and as I grew older I was constantly taking photos of food, flowers and the fun of everyday life. Photography was, and always will be, a constant in my life.

Today, I’ve been a wedding photographer for over a decade and am now running one of the most respected wedding photography companies in the UK.

I’ve never felt happier or more fulfilled.

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Little things that make me feel big things:

  • The colours in the sky at dusk
  • Lists (not that you can tell from this)
  • A BIG mug of Earl Grey tea
  • Koalas (in the wild, not a zoo)
  • Hearing the rain on the roof while I'm snuggled in bed
  • The snooze button
  • A beach walk with my doggos
  • Peonies – big, blousy, and pink
  • Dancing in the kitchen while the kettle boils
  • Marzipan. Don't bother putting it on the cake. Just give me the block.

If you're into this sort of thing, I'm:

  • Sun sign ... Capricorn 
  • Moon & rising signs ... Sagittarius
  • Hogwart's House ... Hufflepuff
  • Meyers Briggs ... INFJ
  • Blood Type ... Custard cream

Behind the scenes

Team SVP...

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My team represents and reflects my values in every way: To bend over backwards (sometimes literally) to deliver amazing wedding photography in a calm and caring way.

Sarah working on the sofa with her two dogs

Behind the scenes...

Sarah Vivienne photographing a bride in a wedding car as she arrives at church
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Packed your exclusive access-all-areas pass? Got your invisibility cape on? Excellent! Come and join me behind the scenes to get a glimpse at the magic and madness of my world as a wedding photographer.

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Fancy a game of truth or dare?I’ll go first

  • I separate smarties into colour groups before eating them. Pink first; it’s my favourite colour. Yellow next. Then red, green, blue and brown. Orange last, because orange chocolate.

  • I can wiggle my ears. It’s the same muscle you use to ‘smize’ (smile with your eyes), if you want to try it.

  • I’ve photographed Alan Carr (hilarious!), Professor Stephen Hawking (inspiring!), Duncan from Blue (mmmm!), Sophie Ellis Bextor (incred voice!), Lulu (shouts a lot!) and Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee (childhood heroes!).

  • I used to be a trampolining coach.

  • My guilty pleasures include but are not limited to: Hollyoaks. Dr Pimple Popper. Dry shampoo. Prawn cocktail crisp sandwiches. Stroking tissues. Mini gingerbread men dunked in instant decaf coffee.

  • Photography - I can't not do it. It's how I see the world. Everything around me inspires me to keep doing it.

Now it's your turn

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    Come and explore what it'd be like to have me as your wedding photographer. I’ll bring the tea. You bring the love.