A bit about me

What can I tell you about me? Well, I'm wife to Steve and pawrent to two fur babies, Daisy and Poppy. I separate Smarties into colour groups before eating them. Hollyoaks is my guilty pleasure. I can’t whistle, swim or sing but I can wiggle my ears. I hate rhubarb and I’m scared of frogs.

In 2007, I swapped the corporate rat race for a creative career that didn't require getting up at 6am and I've never looked back. Ten years on and I still get excited about every wedding we shoot.

I love that my job combines two of my favourite things: taking photos and people-watching. I kind of get people (or so I’m told) which means I really know how to fit in and bring out the ‘you’ in your wedding.


A bit about the team

I’m nothing without these four lovely ladies. We make one hell of a team and have created some wonderful albums and films together.




Abby - Photorgapher at Sarah Vivienne Photography

Mum-of-twins Abby is my right arm. “Second shooter” simply doesn’t do her justice, she shoots alongside me and is seriously talented. She’s also a fitness freak and a food fanatic (don’t ever refer to her as a “foodie”, though) and is what I’d call a proper ‘country bumpkin’.



Lola - Picture Editor at Sarah Vivienne Photography

The lovely Lola is master of Photoshop and has a remarkable talent for adding an extra bit of sparkle to my work. She works tirelessly behind the scenes, tweaking your photos to perfection. Mum to three (!) boys, a rabbit and two chickens, Lola is one of the hardest-working women I know. I’m lucky to have her.



When she’s not stealing paper as it comes out of the printer or asleep on my feet while I’m at my desk, Daisy is taking her role as Head of Security very seriously by barking at the phone (if you call, I apologise now for the noise!) and intimidating the postman.

Daisy - Head of Security at Sarah Vivienne Photography



Things are just so much better when Poppy’s around. Her office is located on the nearest sofa and her duties include but are not limited to: snoring in an adorable manner, grade A cuddles, lap-warming and napping for Britain. She’s all ears if you need a chat.

Poppy - Chief Morale Officer at Sarah Vivienne Photography