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Plan for phenomenal photos

Praying to the weather gods that your wedding photos will be sans rain and chaos? I’ve got something even better... A series of articles to guide you with your wedding plans - and set the stage for photos you love.

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Go behind the scenes to see the unfiltered reality

Want to know what the hardest thing to photograph is? What I wish I'd known about wedding photography when I got married? And what’s really inside my camera bag? (You won’t be able to guess at least three of the items!) Settle in while I serve up my secrets and inside intel as a wedding photographer.

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Revel in real weddings

You're invited to a wedding (or few)! Be my plus-one at some of the weddings I've had the pleasure to capture. It's a great way to get a feel for how I might tell the story of your day. Hats optional, pets essential.

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Immerse yourself in ideas and inspo

These editorial shoots were literally styled to be stolen! So if you fall in love with a tablescape, covet a bouquet, or hanker after the stationery… Please steal any and all ideas with glee. No balaclava required.

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Date the dynamic duo who’ll give you great photos

Grab a (big) cuppa and get comfy! Because these candid guides explain everything you need to know about photography when you choose your venue … and everything you need to know about venues when you choose your photographer. No holds barred!

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Make a wish on a dandelion

Feel lucky? Delve into the lucky dip and see what you can find in this eclectic mega mix of misfit features.  Includes the number one wedding venue on my bucket list, real wedding albums, and something for all you animal-lovers.

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Have I missed something?

Got a burning question or lingering struggle? Want to hunt down a hard-to-find supplier? In search of info on a specific topic?

I’m here - and happy - to help. 

Tell me about it in an email so I can send you a solution - and continue to make this space a great resource for other couples.