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Things you don’t need to do to use this website:

  • Create an account
  • Remember a password
  • Prove you’re a human with the ability not to sweat while you select all the squares that contain the Ship of Theseus to pass a CAPTCHA test

… But you do need to agree to some terms and conditions. 

Let’s take a look…

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Website terms & conditions

To keep it quick, I’ll refer to these terms and conditions as Ts & Cs.

The terms ‘I’, ‘my’ and ‘me’ refer to Sarah Vivienne Photography. I own and operate this website. Also, the terms ‘you’ & ‘your’ refer to anyone looking at this website - that’s you! 

Under 18? Oh no! You must be at least 18 years old to use this site 'cos you need to be old enough to enter into a contract. See you on Insta instead?

A flower girl and a page boy arguing over their biscuits
Alex was less impressed when he realised his sister's random act of kindness was to bagsie the chocolate chip cookie for herself and give him the raisin one "so he didn't get chocolatey hands".


Please don’t steal

All the content on this website is my intellectual property and protected by copyright (and dragons). 

(By ‘content’ I mean things like words, pictures, illustrations, audio, video, page design, underlying code, software, or any other form of information that can be stored digitally.)

Please don’t copy, change, distribute, display, or otherwise reproduce any of the content on this site without my prior written permission. If you even think about copying I’ll give you my very best Paddington Bear stare - and possibly a lawsuit. If you’d like to republish something, please email me to ask. 

I promise to treat you with the same respect (and never steal your chocolate chip cookie).

Please play nicely

I want this website to be a safe and happy place. 

You can use the site for lawful and non-commercial purposes only. You can’t use it in any way which can cause damage to the site; or interfere with someone else’s use and enjoyment of it. For example, please don’t:

  • Post spam comments
  • Use my site to sell or promote anything 
  • Make my computer or devices sick with a virus
  • Hack into my website, computer, or devices
  • Be mean to other people

In other words, treat others the way you want to be treated. (Assuming you're an emotionally intelligent adult.)

Bride leaning over to hold her Grandad's hand as the vicar signs the register
Katie wanted everyone to link hands and sing 'Lord of the Dance' .... but the Vicar was more concerned about whether he could fit the surname 'Featherstonehaugh' into the tiny box on the marriage register

Please take care with links

This website contains links to other sites you might find helpful. These include, but aren’t limited to, good ol' text links and snazzy social media buttons. 

However, a link doesn’t mean I endorse these sites because they’re not under my control. I don’t have responsibility for their content and I'm not liable for any loss or damage that arises from you using them.

Please be careful when you click on links, kids.

Please be patient if something's wrong

Everything on this site is provided ‘as is’.

I’m human, so I can’t promise this website is secure, error-free, or cyber-safe. So I have no liability for any problem you experience.

I also can't promise you'll deem my jokes funny but I think you'll find my photos are pretty good.  

I try to keep things up-to-date, but I'm a carefree creative and make no commitments. I can change or remove anything on the site at any time - which includes, but isn’t limited to, my products and services. I can even delete the entire website if WordPress really riles me. 

Father of the bride signing the register
"They didn't tell me I had to pay the bill!"

Before you go…

I may change these Ts & Cs now and then. But it might be without warning. Please check here regularly so you're always up-to-date. Also, don't forget to floss.

If I change the website in any way, these Ts & Cs will still apply.

And your use of this website is also governed by my privacy policy. (Yay - another fun page to read!) 

Run into a problem?

Please tell me if you hit a snag and I’ll try to sort it out. If I can’t resolve it and we have to go to court then that court must be in England or Wales and the case will be decided exclusively based on the laws of England & Wales. 

This could be a fun opportunity to learn about the legal system in England and Whales Wales. But it's dark, claustrophobic, and can swallow you whole. So maybe you shouldn't push your luck.

Scene of Jonah and the whale in a church stained glass window
Oh, wait! Is that the Ship of Theseus?

Are we good?

By visiting this website www.sarahvivienne.co.uk you agree to the terms and conditions on this page.

Deal? Welcome! Make yourself at home and go wherever you like. You can even read my diary

No deal? That's ok, but your only option is to not use my website. I'll be sorry to see you go ... but I'll take a great photo of your back as you leave.

Confetti being thrown at Holkham church

Last updated: March 2024