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First things first…

To keep it quick, we’ll refer to these terms and conditions as Ts & Cs. The terms ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ refer to Sarah Vivienne Photography. We own and operate this website. Likewise, the terms ‘you’ & ‘your’ refers to anyone looking at this website. Sorry for the very impersonal reference. You must be at least 18 years old to use our site because you need to be an adult in order to enter into a contract with us.


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Please don’t steal our content

All the content on this website is our intellectual property and protected by copyright. (By ‘content’ we mean any text, images, illustrations, audio, video, page design & layout, underlying code & software or any other form of information that can be stored on a computer/mobile device.)

Please don’t copy, modify, distribute, display or otherwise reproduce any of the content on this site without our prior written permission. If you even think about copying we’ll give you our very best Paddington Bear Stare. If you’d like to republish something, please email us to ask. We promise to treat you with the same respect.

Please take care with links

This website contains links to other sites that we think you might find helpful. These include, but aren’t limited to, plain Jane text links and social media buttons. However inclusion of a link doesn’t imply endorsement of these sites or those in control of them.

In addition, these sites aren’t under our control so we don’t have responsibility for their content and don’t take liability for any loss or damage that arises from you using them. If you follow the links, please be careful.

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Please play nicely

We want to make sure our website is a safe and happy place. You can use our site for lawful and non-commercial purposes only. You can’t use it in any way which causes or may cause damage to the site; or interferes with someone else’s use or enjoyment of it.

For example, please:

  • Don’t post spam comments. We don’t even like tinned spam
  • Don’t use our site to sell or promote anything without our permission
  • Don’t try to give our computers viruses
  • Don’t try to hack into our website or computers
  • And definitely don’t be mean to other people

In other words, please treat others the way you want to be treated.

Please be patient if something is wrong

Everything on this site, is provided ‘as is’ and on an ‘available as’ basis.
We’re human, so we can’t promise that this website is secure, doesn’t have any errors or faults, won’t break your computer or that you’ll find our jokes funny. We might not have had enough coffee before we pressed ‘publish’. We’ll try our best but that’s as good as it gets; we have no liability for any problem in the content.

We try to keep things up-to-date but we’re under no obligation to. And we have the right to change, suspend or discontinue any part (or the whole of) this website including, but not limited to, any of our products and services.

We don’t have any liability if the website is disrupted or unavailable. Sometimes Gremlins cause chaos. And if something bad happens because you used our site, we don’t have any liability for that either.

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Before we go…

We may change these Ts & Cs occasionally. We’ll post updates on this page and any revised terms will apply from the date they’re published. Please check here regularly to make sure you’re aware of the latest terms.

If the website is changed in any way, these Ts & Cs will still apply unless we state otherwise.

If you have a problem please tell us and we’ll try to sort it out. If we can’t resolve it and have to go to court then that court must be in England or Wales and the case be decided exclusively based on the laws of England & Wales. Use of this website is also governed by our privacy policy. Please read that too.

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Updated: May 2018