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Your privacy is important

So I’ve written this riveting page to outline everything you need to know about:

  • How I use your personal information
  • What I do to comply with GDPR guidance provided by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) 

Which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. But it's important. So much so, I hired a Head of Security. She's a big deal so you'll want to stick around and listen to her keynote speech at the end.

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"A bit of privacy. Please."

Some nerdy legal definitions

  • 'Me' and 'I' refer to Sarah Vivienne Photography
  • ‘You’ & ‘your’ is anyone using this website. Yep, that’s you. Welcome!
  • ‘Data’ means any personal details you give me, like your name and email address


All the data I collect is for my own use, either by me or my trusted suppliers to help me deliver my products and services to you. I pinky promise not to give your details to anyone else - unless I have to for legal reasons. And I’ll never, ever ever, sell your data to anyone.

If you give me your data, you automatically give me permission to use it to:

Fulfill contractual obligations

When you buy a product or service from me, we’ll make it official with a contract. I’ll need to use your data to create that contract and fulfill my side of it. And I’ll continue to use your data until our contract ends or one of us cancels it.

Help you

Maybe you want to look at my website. Or perhaps you’ll email me with a question about my services. If you do things like this, you automatically give me permission to process whatever data you give me.

Where possible, I’ll ask for your explicit consent. Say, by asking you to click a button to say you're happy with my use of cookies (website ones, not chocolate ones, sorry). But sometimes your consent will be implicit, like when you tell me something in an email that you'd expect me to reply to.

Meet legal obligations

Unlike Batman, I have to comply with the law. It’s (happily) so rare I can’t think of an example, but I might need to use your data to meet a statutory obligation.

Improve my website

I use website analytics software to collect information like how you found my website, which pages you looked at, and how long you stayed before being tempted away by the smell of someone else's cookies.

But don't worry, this info won’t identify you. It’s analysed anonymously and I only use it to improve my website, SEO rankings, marketing - and cookie recipe.

The main thing to know is: I won't do anything with your data that wouldn’t make my Mum proud.

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It'll be our secret

How to keep your data in check

You can ask to see, amend, and delete your data at any time - as long as all contractual and legal obligations are complete. Please email me to do this.

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Some people go to great lengths to protect their privacy

Stay up-to-date

I might need to change this policy from time to time, and I might not be able to let you know in advance. Please check back here to make sure you know what's what.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy (or good cake recipes), please email me.

Keynote WoofDaisy, Head of Security at Sarah Vivienne Photography

Mum thinks privacy is impawtant. I know this because she made me Head of Security.

My daily duties are to bark when the phone rings, shred important papers, and destroy all the cookies. But my favourite task is to look out for squirrel-shaped intruders. 

Which is to woof: Your data is safe with us. But your cookies aren't.

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Pee. S. This pawlicy was last updated in April 2024.

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