Anne & Paul’s pre-wedding shoot

December 7, 2018

On rainy days we make our own sunshine

Paul and Anne’s engagement shoot took place in the autumn, a few weeks before their wedding, at Manor Farm in Northamptonshire (this is where I’m based for those that aren’t familiar yet).

It was a cold and very wet but fun afternoon; full of lots of layers, cosy barns to shelter from the wind and cuddle up in, dramatic skies … and a rather cute dog who just wanted to play and continually brought her tennis ball over to us for a game of fetch! If you come to the farm for a shoot you’ll be expected to make friends with the residents!

I love how relaxed Paul and Anne were with each other and they were SO much fun to be around. That’s the best approach for a pre-wedding shoot. Come with an open-mind, leave your worries with me, be yourselves and it’ll work out fine.

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