The thing about intimate wedding photos

It’s all about intimate wedding photography at the moment. Not exactly what I’d planned. But I’m loving playing keepie-uppie with this particular Covid curveball. 

Because there’s something unique – and very special – about small weddings. And that thing is ‘love’.

Duhh! There’s always love at a wedding, right? That’s the whole point, surely?

Well, yes… But love is an introvert. It’s quiet, gentle and unassuming. So at a big wedding when there’s so much going on, it’s easily overshadowed.

But if you reduce the long guest list and take away the loud party, love becomes the centre of attention. 

And it’s not just the obvious expressions of love. Like a room full of heart eyes as you say your vows, big (bubble-safe) bear hugs, or blowing kisses to your friends who turn up at the church to surprise you. 

It’s the little things too.

Simple moments shine. The tiny actions, with deeper meaning, that often go unnoticed amidst the hubbub at big weddings, are everything. The groom’s parents holding hands as they arrive at church, the mums having a good ol’ chin wag in the garden, a flower girl showing her mum how to wear the flower crown – because she doesn’t want to wear it herself…

Ooof! I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. 

Flower girl and mum interacting at Northampton Cathedral

It’s ridiculously wonderful to witness those relationships. It’s a gift to be immersed – and work – in such an outpouring of love. And it’s an honour to capture.

Which leads me onto the photography…

Which you’ll love.

Now, in some ways, photographing a small wedding is no different to photographing a big wedding. You’ll still be doing many of the same things, and therefore get many of the same photos.

But small weddings have some unique photo opps.

Yep, you guessed it! ‘Great things about photography at intimate weddings’ coming right up!

Five things you’ll love about intimate wedding photography…

… that aren’t always possible at big weddings

  1. The relaxed feeling 

Everyone will look like they’re having the time of their lives in your photos… because they are.

At smaller weddings – with less rush, less stress, and less to organise – everyone’s more relaxed. And that’s plain to see on people’s faces. Which is where relaxed photos start.  

  1. The significance

Your photos will be more meaningful.

With fewer people around, guests feel more at ease to be themselves and show their feelings for each other. It’s a heart-on-the-sleeve kinda wedding. And whilst it’s still a fun day, there’s more focus on capturing connection.

(Let’s just hope they all like each other.) 

  1. The many photos of your VIPs

Your VIPs will be prominent.

Since I’m not furiously photographing people pokemon-style (gotta get ‘em all, gotta get ‘em), I can capture multiple photos of your closest peeps. 

Which is great for you, and a lovely bonus for them. 

  1. The ease and enjoyment of ‘formal’ photos

You’ll actually enjoy the group photos.

Group photos and big weddings are often a mismatch. There’s no logical time to do them without disrupting the natural flow of the day, guests that aren’t involved are left standing on the sidelines, and as a couple, you feel torn between wanting group pictures and wanting to spend time celebrating with your guests. So they’re often seen as a hassle and treated as something to rush.

But at smaller weddings, group photos feel totally different. It seems a natural way to mark the occasion. Everybody there wants them. And with less time pressure, the process is fun – it’s a chance to enjoy each other’s company and have a giggle.

Plus, there’s usually time to take more combinations. For example, after your immediate family photos, add in some couple photos for parents and grandparents, and mini family sessions for your siblings. That way, everyone gets something special. 

Even ad hoc requests, which can be a source of distraction and delay at big weddings, are a pleasure to oblige.

And after all,  intimate weddings aren’t just about celebrating a marriage, they’re about celebrating and cementing all relationships. What better way to express that, than with some gorgeous groups?

  1. The cleaner look of your photos

Your pictures will have more of the substance, and less of the distraction.

It’s a numbers game. At smaller weddings, there are simply fewer elbows, shoulders and backs of heads to get in the way. Which means clearer, more striking images. 

Small wedding now? Or big wedding later? Or both?! Whatever you decide, you’ll get everything you’ve come to expect from SVP – a mix of natural storytelling images, posed portraits and group photos, and delicious detail pictures to tell the complete story. All delivered with a discreet approach, friendly-face and a lorry load of love.

Planning an intimate wedding? 

Want a friendly and relaxed photographer to go with it? 

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