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Courteenhall wedding photography

A home with history, heart - and 157 species of butterflies.
And it could be yours for the day.

I fell hard for Courteenhall

It has so much to offer: A country house with amazing architecture, a church with unusually good light, formal gardens with a calming fountain, a lake with the cutest little rowing boat, unmown meadows with billowing long grasses, an arboretum with a giant flower pot… Yep. Absolute scenes. 

But it’s the estate’s love of nature and commitment to sustainability that made me fall completely messy bun over Converse. The team work hard with ongoing projects to encourage wildlife and boost the estate’s biodiversity. And with nature and animals close to my own heart, Courteenhall is firmly on my list of favourite Northamptonshire wedding venues to shout about - and photograph at!

The back of Courteenhall house
Pink lily pad flower
The view of Courteenhall house from the St Peter and St Paul church
The lily pond at Courteenhall with a wedding marquee and the church in the background
The front of Courteenhall house
Frog and shell garden pond ornaments
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About Courteenhall wedding venue

Not been before? Here’s a quick lowdown…

Courteenhall is a beautiful 100-acre estate with a stunning Georgian country house at its heart. It’s tucked away in its own sleepy little village of the same name. Yes, Courteenhall in Courteenhall. And it’s pronounced Cor-ten-hall for added confusion!

The house itself is hidden deep in the grounds amongst acres of nature. It has one of the longest driveways I know and by the time you’ve slowly (on account of the free-roaming chickens) wound past pastures, woodland, and original estate workers’ chocolate box cottages … you’ll unlock peaceful country mode level 10.  

But despite its isolated setting, Courteenhall is easy to get to. You’ll find it just off the M1 junction 15, near Roade in south Northamptonshire. Which is ideal for anyone making a road trip for your wedding.

The estate is privately owned and only hosts a handful of weddings each year. So if you get married at Courteenhall, you’ll be among a very exclusive crowd! 

Oh, and there’s a church too…

White primroses
St Peter & St Paul church in Courteenhall, Northamptonshire
Archaeological finds at Courteenhall church

St Peter and St Paul church is right on the edge of the estate and just a short - if slightly hilly - walk from the house. But don’t worry, the estate team will be on hand with country-style transport for anyone with special needs, Choos, or a wedding dress. And leading your family and friends across the field from the church to your reception, with the sight of Courteenhall house (and the smell of canapes) growing ever closer, is a Courteenhall wedding highlight -  and a great photo opp! 

Wreath upside down

Five reasons you’ll love Courteenhall for your wedding photography

  • 1 Dreamy views. Courteenhall has your photo backdrops covered. Even the car park is hidden from sight. Which means all your pictures - the natural ones, the posed ones, and the detail ones - will have a beautiful background. And related to that…
  • 2 Varied couple shot locations. When it comes to photos of the two of you, you’ll be spoilt for choice. There’s a stunning spot for every personal taste, weather condition, and lighting situation. So you’re bound to find somewhere you love for romantic portraits. It’s only a question of who’ll be first to excitedly exclaim “Chickens!”. (It will be me.) Which leads me onto…
  • 3 Relaxing environments. The house lends a fleck of elegant formality. But it’s the gardens and grounds that make Courteenhall stand out. It's the kind of place to explore and soak up. Which is absolutely ideal for my style of wedding photography. Because it helps me make your portrait session feel less like a photoshoot and more like quality time together. But before you worry the grounds sound sprawling and you’ll miss a big chunk of your reception, Courteenhall also has…
  • 4 Accessible locations. Everything is within a bouquet’s toss of the house. Sure, the grounds are extensive. But the finest features are close to your newly jewelled hands. So you can get gorgeous couple pics and be back with your family and friends before they devour your wedding cake. And finally?
  • 5 Flexible and personal service. Magical and meaningful wedding photos start with planning a wedding that’s you. That way you can truly relax, be yourselves, and wear your hearts on your sleeves - while I leave you be and capture whatever you lay on my cake plate. And Courteenhall’s tailored approach to each wedding will help you achieve this. You’re in great hands.
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My experience as a Courteenhall wedding photographer

This may seem a strange thing to say… but I haven’t got nearly enough experience in wedding photography at Courteenhall. Please, bear with me here! I’ve worked there before, I’m familiar with the venue, and I know my way around. But 10, 20, 30 weddings wouldn’t be enough at this perfect place! I just love it! And many more weddings here are needed - just to be sure! 

Emily and Chris were my first Courteenhall couple. And with their very kind permission, you can have a look at some of their wedding and pre-wedding photos...

Emily & Chris

A summer church and marquee wedding

You'll need your tissues for this one. Unknowingly, Emily & Chris planned their day for the same date as Emily's Granny's wedding. Come the day, there was a huge outpouring of love and so much fun and laughter - a heartfelt joint speech, a fast first dance, and cake tasting included. And Emily's dress! And the flowers! And and and...

Bride and groom coming out of Courteenhall church door after their ceremony
Engaged couple walking past a giant flower pot in the grounds of Courteenhall

Emily & Chris

A pre-wedding shoot in the Spring

Emily and Chris weren't fans of the camera. So they decided to face their fear head-on with a pre-wedding photoshoot. Which was really just a lovely walk around Courteenhall, taking in the scenery, and soaking up the sunshine. We chatted and took a few pics along the way. And that changed everything.

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