Tom & Kate’s laid-back marquee wedding in Oundle

Tom: *walks Kate home from school through the dark winter months*

Tom: *takes three months to pluck up the courage to ask Kate out*

Kate replies: “Maybe.”

Tom: *three more awkward walks home*

until Kate finally says: “Yes!”

That pretty much sums up Tom and Kate’s characters: kind, laid-back and playful. And the reason I know this? Because that’s exactly what shone at their wedding. It was a wonderfully chilled out occasion with lots of personality-packed moments to capture.

The flower girls playing hide and seek in the garden. Kate’s playful expression as she came down the stairs in her dress ready to get married. Tom hurriedly trying to remove the stickers from the bottom of his shoes minutes before Kate arrived at church. Kate’s raised eyebrows that said “don’t you dare” when the vicar asked if anyone had any objections. Tom & Kate’s beautiful connection; arms around each other at any opportunity. Tom & Kate leading their guests Pied Piper style through the village from the church to the reception, with the brightest blue sky above. An informal open-air drinks reception in a pub garden. Carefree portraits in a cornfield. Eloquent speeches that were hilarious and heart-warming in equal measure. Chilled campfire conversations. The good times went on and on.

Tom & Kate’s day ‘felt’ like them.

If I could give a couple one piece of advice for their wedding …

… it would be to do exactly what Tom and Kate did. Follow your heart and do what’s right for you. When everything is aligned, you’ll feel relaxed on the day and you can completely be yourselves. And that’s the starting point for photos that epitomise you, your guests and your wedding!

Are you planning a relaxed marquee wedding?

If you are, top up your tea and have a look at some other marquee weddings I’ve photographed. Like what you see? Please give me a yell! I would LOVE to hear from you!