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Micro wedding photography

Planning a small big day?

Yay! You're in for a treat!

Whatever you choose to call them - micro weddings, small weddings, intimate weddings, itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny weddings – small is mighty! 

Having worked as a micro wedding photographer more often over the last few years (and we all know why!), I’ve developed a squidgy soft spot (definitely not lockdown pounds!) for petite celebrations. 

Because micro weddings have special ingredients, like...

  • Your favourite peeps. And chances are, everyone will know each other. Making your wedding an opportunity to celebrate every relationship.
  • A relaxed atmosphere. Less to worry about + fewer people to please = more chill.
  • You. You’ve already broken ‘tradition’ by having a micro wedding. Now you have an opportunity to do something totally different and stamp you on your day.
  • Affection. Just how special, valued, and loved will the select few people you invite feel?

Which all makes for great photos.

Wanna see some?

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Real micro wedding romance

Couples who did small things with big love

Take a look at some of the micro weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing...

Anna & Colin

A florist's micro wedding with 30 guests

First, it was September 2020 in Italy with all their faves. Then, it was January 2021 in the UK with 15 guests. Finally, it was June 2021 and 30 guests! Covid meant restrictions but Anna & Colin proved love knows no bounds.

Couple just about to be pronounced husband and wife
Bride and groom clasping hands and taking a quiet moment together

Suzanne & Andy

A close-knit country wedding with 20 guests

Stapleford Park is well-known for large, luxury weddings. But Suzanne and Andy proved it's just as beautiful for small weddings. (Oops! Hang on... Special guest Jack the teddy bear makes the guest list 21.)

Natasha & Richard

A intimate tipi wedding with 15 guests

Natasha and Richard were one of the first couples to get married as the pandemic restrictions were lifted. They had a church ceremony in Dallington and celebrated at The Hill Farm House in Brigstock - with extra guests including donkeys, llamas, and doves!

Outdoor first dance at Hill Farm House in Brigstock
Confetti at Northampton Cathedral

Nadine & Nadeem

A micro-wedding in a cathedral 

Yep. A micro wedding in a cathedral. When Covid stuck its beak in, Nadine and Nadeem just wanted to get married. So they took their original plans, mixed them up, and created something extra special. And my goodness, the love FILLED that cathedral.

Alison & Terry

A small wedding for 30 at Fawsley Hall

When Alison and Terry got married, almost every guest was involved in the day. From hairstylist to usher to MC, and some brilliant musical performers. At a micro wedding, everyone gets to be part of the magic!

Terry & Alison's wedding photography at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire (46)
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Five things you'll love about
micro wedding photography

Small weddings have some unique opportunities to capture truly meaningful documentary wedding photos ...

  • 1 The relaxed feeling. Everyone will look like they’re having the time of their lives in your photos… because they are. At smaller weddings – with less rush, less stress, and less to organise – everyone’s more relaxed. And that’s plain to see on people’s faces. Which is where relaxed photos start.
  • 2 The significance. Your photos will be more meaningful. With fewer people around, guests feel more at ease to be themselves and show their feelings for each other. It’s a heart-on-the-sleeve kinda wedding. And whilst it’s still a fun day, there’s more focus on capturing connection.
  • 3 The many photos of your VIPs. Your VIPs will be prominent. Since I’m not furiously photographing people pokemon-style (gotta get ‘em all, gotta get ‘em), I can capture multiple photos of your closest peeps. Which is great for you, and a lovely bonus for them.
  • 4 The fun ‘formal’ photos. Group photos and big weddings are often a mismatch. There’s no logical time to do them without disrupting the natural flow of the day, guests that aren’t involved are left standing on the sidelines, and as a couple, you feel torn between wanting group pictures and wanting to celebrate with your guests. So they’re often seen as a hassle and treated as something to rush. But at small weddings, group photos feel totally different. They're a natural way to mark the occasion. Everybody there wants them. And with less time pressure, the process is fun – it’s a chance to enjoy each other’s company and have a giggle. Plus, there’s usually time to take more combinations. Why not add in some couple photos for parents and grandparents, and mini family sessions for your siblings? That way, everyone gets something special. Even ad hoc requests, which can be a source of distraction and delay at big weddings, are a pleasure to oblige. And after all, micro weddings aren’t just about celebrating a marriage, they’re about celebrating and cementing all relationships. What better way to express that than with some gorgeous groups?
  • 5 The cleaner look of your photos. Your pictures will have more of the substance, and less of the distraction. It’s a numbers game. At smaller weddings, there are simply fewer elbows, shoulders, and backs of heads to get in the way. Which means clearer, more striking images.
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“Sarah, do you do anything differently at a micro wedding?”

In many ways, photographing a micro wedding is no different from photographing a big wedding. You’ll get ready, you'll get married, and you'll celebrate.

Those things may look different to a bigger wedding but you'll still get everything you’d expect from me – a mix of natural storytelling images, lightly posed portraits, family photos, and delicious detail pictures to tell the complete story.

... All delivered with a discreet approach, a friendly face, and a lorry load of love.

Because as long as there are people, there are photos to be taken. I’m as flat-out photographing the fun and feeling of a small wedding as I am a big one.

And actually, photography plays an even more significant role at smaller weddings. 

Because micro wedding photography is:

  • An opportunity to capture not just the wedding, but the family ‘being a family’ 
  • A way to help the people who couldn’t be there, to feel as though they were
Terry & Alison's wedding photography at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire (44)
Terry & Alison's wedding photography at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire (43)

So on the day, I'll ...

  • Listen carefully to make sure you get exactly what you want
  • Work in my usual calm, discreet way. (You’ll see me from time to time - because with fewer people around there are fewer places to hide - but I know how to behave.) 
  • Get butterflies about doing a great job for you
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"We are overwhelmed. They are amazing, fantastic, wonderful. It's like we are reliving the day. So happy with what you've done for us." ~ Suzanne & Andy ~

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Micro wedding
photography prices

Choose your own adventure

Every wedding is different, and together we can create a service that's as unique as you and your small big day.

But to give you an idea of the likely price, here’s a guide...

  • .......................................................................  from £2500

  • Choose my custom service (Mon-Thurs only)

    .......................................................................... from £750

Planning a micro wedding?

Want a low-key relaxed photographer to go with it?

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