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I’m sharing a personally curated collection of the best and most interesting articles, wedding tips and advice I’ve found around the internet. These links cover everything from positivity to Pinterest to the planet.

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Planning a unique wedding

Do you want your wedding to be different? Well, the only way to achieve that is to be ‘you’. These links are all about putting your own stamp on traditions and trends, discerning between advice and opinion, and owning your wedding.

Being conscious of the word “should”

How to embrace trends in your own way

Writing your own wedding vows

Groom holding bride's hand as they walk down steps surrounded by foam-free flowers

Sustainable wedding ideas

Thinking about the impact of your wedding on the environment? Check out these links for ideas on planning sustainable, minimalist and eco-friendly weddings.

How to make your styling sustainable

Being intentional and focusing on the things you value

A bride and groom standing in front of a timber framed house in Lavenham

Something different

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Try these resources. 

Underwhelmed by vanilla veils? Check out these stylish wedding veil designers.

Creative table plan and seating ideas

A wedding guest posing with joke false teeth at Rushton Hall in Northants

Staying sane

A series of articles on avoiding anxiety, preventing overwhelm and protecting your mental health

Why you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it

How to avoid a pre-wedding melt-down – part 1

How to avoid a pre-wedding meltdown – part 2

The importance of embracing imperfection

The pressure of perfection

Is wedding planning not as much fun as you thought it would be? 

Is your wedding starting to lose its sparkle?

The curse of overthinking

A real bride shares her story, maybe you can relate

When pre-wedding blues becomes a thing

Sensitive situations

Wedding planning is a lot of fun. But let’s be honest. It can be stressful too. Lean on these articles if you find yourself in a less than sweet strawberry jam.

Awkward wedding dilemmas

More awkward wedding dilemmas

Helping guests with hidden disabilities have a great time

Handling dysfunctional relationships

What to do when someone in your family is getting more involved than you’d like

Planning an accessible and inclusive wedding for autistic guests

Planning an accessible and inclusive wedding for disabled guests

A close up detail photo of bridesmaids wearing mismatched dresses of the same tonal colours of peach, gold, rust, and dusky pink.

‘isms’ and prejudices

These links will be a welcome respite for couples who don’t fit the mainstream media and fashion industry’s idea of ‘normal’. For all of you who are older, younger, shorter, taller, bigger, smaller …

You don’t need to lose weight for your wedding

Second time around? Wear what you want!

Pink and peach table decoration

All round good ideas

A round-up of ideas that caught my attention and made me stop. 

Advice for brides written by brides

The must-have drink for your wedding day

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