Wedding Ceremony Photography

Ring the bells, sound the klaxon

I usually start photographing at the ceremony location about an hour before it’s due to start. In the first 15 minutes or so, I can get photos of the venue and any decoration without anyone there. Think wide scenic photos to show the setting, a silhouette of a weather vane against a bright blue summer sky, that beautiful floral arch in all its glory…

Then it’s my absolute favourite bit … your guests arriving. The atmosphere is palpable with all the excitement and anticipation that’s building.

Imagine photos of your families being introduced, university friends hugging as they see each other for the first time in ages, the musicians warming up, Ushers handing out the order of service, the Best Man trying to calm the Groom’s nerves, the Groom checking his watch (will anyone ever believe this photo isn’t staged?!) and mischievous Page Boys playing tag while their parents try desperately to keep them clean!

And finally, the bride arriving on Dad’s arm… the most special walk they’ll ever take together.

I Do

The moment everyone has been waiting for! A guest dashes in at the last minute, the ushers take their seats, the music starts, the guests stand, the groom swallows nervously … and the bride takes a deep breath. It’s a magical moment.

Whatever type of ceremony you’re having… church, civil, fusion, humanist, Pagan, just the two of you, 400 guests, Persian, Korean, outdoor, candlelight… I just know it’s going to be amazing to capture! (I’ve got a lot of t-shirts!)

I’ll document as much of your ceremony as your officiant allows; sensitively and discreetly. I repeat: sensitively and discreetly! No flash, no running about, no distractions.

If you book two photographers, we’ll work from two different angles, usually one at the front and one at the back. But this is totally up to whoever is leading your ceremony; they’re in charge.

Handy hint: Check what your officiant’s house rules for photography are early on so you know what to expect.

I’ll capture all the obvious moments, like walking down the aisle, making vows and exchanging rings. And I’ll look out for the less obvious but arguably more meaningful moments too. Like the reassuring glances you give each other at the top of the aisle. The sign of relief when no-one objects. The sideways glance and tiny smiles that say “OMG! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” during the hymns.

Just Married

Pweh! Hoorah! Congratulations! You’ve done it! And you didn’t fall over walking down the aisle (I hope)!

This moment is the highest of highs. There are so many lovely expressions as everyone hugs, kisses and congratulates you that there’s no need to stage anything. It’s magic as it is. So I’ll leave you to enjoy your first married moments with your guests while I fill my memory card boots with lots of lovely natural photos.

Exiting through a guard of honour or want to walk the confetti gauntlet? I’m all over it!