Client Review | Darren & Alex

December 22, 2016

“I saw a few wedding photographers. I wanted to be sure that I could ask them to go away if I felt nervous or didn’t want to be photographed. One of my main concerns was feeling like the photographer was in my personal space all the time. My biggest worry was that I would be incredibly nervous & I wanted a photographer who would understand this & be adaptable to how I felt & what I wanted on the day. One of the photographers said he’d be documenting & needed to be around all the time which put me off using him!  I did also think a female photographer would understand the emotion better.

“I wasn’t actually as nervous as I thought I would be but I think in part that was because I had chosen the suppliers who I felt most comfortable with. It ended up being a very relaxed morning.

“Sarah was very relaxed & easy to get on with & we thought her portfolio was great. I thought she would understand how I felt & give me space if necessary. As it happened, I didn’t really notice her which was perfect & exactly what I wanted. I didn’t want to feel under the spotlight all the time. I just wanted everyone to have a great day!

“We also had a chance to have some quiet time in the church with a glass of champagne before we walked to the reception. Even though Sarah was there, we appreciated that bit of time & felt like it was our time. 

“I think the best thing was probably the action shots that we didn’t realise were being taken. So nice to look back on & remember the day. We loved our pre-wedding and family shoot at the farm too.

“Sarah was very flexible on the day – she made it about us whilst still getting all the shots she needed. She’s extremely organised and the fact there was two photographers was great.”

Bride & Groom walking down the path at Dodford church


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