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Boughton House wedding photography

Searching for a magical wedding venue steeped in history?
Boughton House could be your dream come true.

There almost aren’t words beautiful enough to describe Boughton House. It's a grand estate that's appeared in the Oscar-winning “Les Misérables”. So as you can imagine it boasts rich architecture and a glorious ambiance which feels very special. But being a family home, it's warm, relaxed, and intimate too.

Boughton House

A wedding at Boughton keeps me busier than the bees in the Boughton hive (that’s another Boughton house you need to visit!) because there’s a photo waiting to be taken at every corner. It gives me insatiable inspiration and I always leave feeling like there’s more to do. Which is great. Because it means every couple gets something different. 

You can’t go wrong. 

Unless you try to do too much. 

Because even if you had two wedding days, there wouldn’t be time to take every possible photo. 

But good news: If you choose a documentary wedding photographer, the location will show in your natural photos as well as any posed pictures. Which means you can (literally) cover a lot of ground.

And there's a Brucey-bonus: You can get married outdoors under the covered Colonnade - handy for the British weather!

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Six reasons you’ll love Boughton House for your wedding photography

  • 1 It has a huge variety of stunning backgrounds to play with in your natural documentary photos. It’s incredible in every direction. (Even the bin store has something to offer - but I promise not to take you there!)
  • 2 *That* staircase for pictures of the two of you. Talk about a statement piece! The light is lovely, the décor is dramatic (but strangely neutral - which means you’ll be the star!), and there’s plenty of space for a big dress!
  • 3 The Great Hall has opulent features, including an elaborate painted ceiling, a grand fireplace, and imposing tapestries. Which all lend a grandness usually reserved for church weddings to your ceremony photos.
  • 4 The Colonnade is ideal for portraits. It has a destination feel with warm Italian-esque light, divine doors, and amazing architecture. The reflection of light off the warm brick will give a gorgeous golden glow to your photos. It’s called the ‘English Versailles’ for a reason!
  • 5 The extensive parkland and gardens have something of interest for your portraits all year round, including the rose garden, lavender maze, stone bridges, and waterways.
  • 6 The West Front is beautiful in every direction with manicured gardens, countryside and architecture. This puts variety into your photos and keeps them interesting. It also gives flexibility over angles so I can avoid people squinting in your photos on a bright day. Hint: This spot is particularly pretty in May when the wisteria is in full bloom!
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Confetti being thrown over newlyweds outside Boughton House
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My experience at Boughton House

I started working for Boughton House at the very start of their wedding journey when they commissioned me to create some photos for their website and wedding brochure. And I've been the sole recommended wedding photographer there ever since - which I'm hugely grateful for. Because I fall more in love with it each time I visit.

I enjoy working with the team – they’re professional but friendly and make work a pleasure. I’m inspired by all the potential photo locations, which means a wedding here never gets old. And they sell delicious ice-cream (I recommend the coconut!). Yep, it’s one of my favourite locations for wedding photography.

I do Boughton's own photography too - which adds a good dose of spice to my life. I've photographed all sorts of things for them, including portraits of The Duke of Buccleuch, catalogue photos of Van Dyck's and Gainsborough's, and promotional shots of exhibitions, restoration work, and even Christmas trees! But my favourite so far is 'Boughton through the seasons' - a Covid lockdown project to photograph the gardens through the year.

Working at Boughton is a pleasure and a privilege. Every visit is magical; it never gets old.

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Sarah has worked at Boughton on many weddings and special occasions including private family events for the owners. 

We are delighted to recommend her not only because we can trust her to show Boughton in the best light, but because she always manages to capture something new for those being photographed.  

She is professional but not impersonal and it is always a joy to see the result of her work.  

As guardians of the House and collection, we need to be confident that any photographer working with us has the same care as we do, and over the years, Sarah has earned that trust."

Charles Lister, Property Manager, Boughton House

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The gallery

Come and explore some of Boughton's most photogenic spots (aka peek at some of my favourite wedding photos I've captured there)...

Still here?You must be a big Boughton fan too! *high five*

Want to know more about me and wedding photography at Boughton House?

Send me a few deets so I can check my availability and I'll send you more info - including my 'How to make the most of Boughton House in your wedding photos' guide. How can you refuse?!

Bride walking down the aisle at Boughton House
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Psst! Did you know *this* about Boughton House?

  • 1 Boughton is one of only a few ‘calendar houses’ in the UK - it has 365 windows, 12 entrances, 7 courtyards & 52 chimneys. It’s an Elizabethan thing (so Google tells me).
  • 2 You might have seen Boughton House without knowing it. Because it’s often used for films and TV. It’s most notable recent appearance was in Les Misérables. (And the cast stayed at another local Northants wedding venue during filming… can you guess where it was?)
  • 3 There are 72 miles of drives in the parkland.
  • 4 The Grand Étang was created in the early 1700s as a reflection pool for the house - and used as an ice rink in the winter.
  • 5 Edward, First Lord Montagu of Boughton, sponsored The Observance of 5th November Act 1605, which called for an annual celebration of the foiling of the Gunpowder Plot. So we have him to thank for the fun of bonfire night!
Boughton House gardens spring 1004
Boughton House gardens autumn 1028
Boughton House gardens spring 1003