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Rockingham Castle wedding photography

Not to be too Disney princess about it, but Rockingham Castle is quite the fairytale wedding venue.

A bride and groom walking in front of the two towers at the entrance to Rockingham Castle

Once upon a time, (1070 to be exact), William The Conqueror built it as a royal fortress. Successive Kings refortified it as fast as invaders destroyed it. Eventually, The Crown seized it from King Edward III but left it to ruin. So thank goodness Henry VIII handed it to the Watson family, who’ve lived there happily ever after.

It’s a whole lot more romantic now with castellated towers, lovely lawns, a rose garden instead of a keep, air con and WIFI. And the panoramic views that once revealed impending attacks, now simply supply stunning scenery.

And after hundreds of years of change, there’s evidence of every era in the architecture and gardens. You literally walk through history at Rockingham. 

Or, if you’re anything like me, you unleash the big kid in you …

As I’m taking photos on a wedding day, I imagine playing Quidditch in the parapets, hide and seek in the maze, bows and arrows beneath the towers, and spot the shapes in the elephantine hedge. (Ok, I only do two of those.)

And it’s those interesting features, breathtaking views, and rich history that I find so inspiring for wedding photography at Rockingham Castle. 

And I think you’ll love it too …

A Scottish bagpiper leading the bride and groom and their guests onto the lawn at Rockingham Castle
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Five reasons you’ll love Rockingham Castle for your wedding photography


Ok, that’s a cop-out. Because I got stuck for words. But it’s true. 

Every photo will be a winner. Because there are more beautiful backgrounds than you can shake a bouquet at ...

No car park, mobile toilet, or Lidl supermarket in the background here. Just the odd dramatic tower, quirky hedge, pergola look-out, spiral staircase, romantic garden, countryside view, ancient arrowslit, taxidermy ram with a wonky eye … 

... All set and ready to be the backdrop for your own happily ever after.

Want to see for yourself? Scroll some more.

Bride and groom looking out over the Welland Valley from the ramparts at Rockingham Castle
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The gallery

Bring your own golden snitch and check out some of Rockingham Castle’s special spots …

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Real-life Rockingham romance

Planning a wedding at Rockingham Castle? Have a looksie at some of my favourite wedding photos I've captured there …

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Did you know *this* about Rockingham Castle?

  • 1 Rockingham Castle gets its name from the ‘Rock’ on which it stands, the ‘Ing’ (aka a meadow) that sits between the castle and the river Welland, and the ‘Ham’ (or village) which sits below.
  • 2 From the parapet, you can see five counties (Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire) - unless it’s foggy
  • 3 The rose garden was originally the castle’s keep
  • 4 Richard the Lion Heart’s brother John left his treasure chest containing the crown jewels in the Great Hall - and it’s still there. Maybe.
  • 5 Charles Dickens, a friend of the Watson family and regular visitor, used the castle as inspiration for Chesney Wold in his novel ‘Bleak House’.

There, you’re all set for the local pub quiz!

A wedding drinks reception on the lawn in front of Rockingham castle
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