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Harlaxton Manor wedding photography

Fancy getting drunk on drama? Try the heady cocktail of Elizabethan, Jacobean and Baroque architecture at Harlaxton Manor.

The front of Harlaxton Manor

Mind your eyes. Because Harlaxton Manor is the sparkliest jewel in Lincolnshire’s wedding venue crown. And I’ve saved a suitably showy superlative for it: Splendiferous!

Turning onto the hill-top drive, wide-eyes scanning the mile-long drive descending in front of you, crossing the bridge over the lake and briefly stopping for the gatehouse security, catching a glimpse of the house standing tall amongst the trees... before a grand vision of opulence finally rewards your eyes as you reach the end of the avenue. Could it be any more fairytale?

And that’s just the arrival. Which is why a wedding here never gets old.

The lawn at Harlaxton Manor
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Six reasons you’ll love Harlaxton Manor for your wedding photography

  • 1 The carved stone entrance, ornate oak panelling, magnificent crystal chandelier, Italian marble flooring, historic stained glass window and feature fireplace make The Great Hall an unusually grand setting for a civil wedding ceremony. Which means amazing photo backdrops in every direction.
  • 2 There’s a multitude of options for group photos, from steps galore outside to the vantage point of the Minstrel Gallery for a big group photo on a rainy day.
  • 3 If you prefer a verdant look for pictures of the two of you, the gardens are both peaceful and intriguing. Think French-style terraces, an Italian Garden, a Dutch ornamental canal and quintessential English walks.
  • 4 The Conservatory brings the outdoors in, so on a wet wedding day your drinks reception photos will still have the relaxed look of nature as the background.
  • 5 The windows in the Long Gallery provide lots of lovely light for photos of your speeches, making everyone and everything look radiant.
  • 6 The suitably swish bridal suite is full of inspiration to show off the location in your getting ready photos ... from cherubs to frame your reflection in the mirror to a magnificent wardrobe for a photo of your dress waiting for its big moment and serene views over the gardens while your hair stylist weaves magic.
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Bride through stair balustrade at Harlaxton Manor
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My experience at Harlaxton Manor

I got my first taste of wedding photography at Harlaxton Manor with Natalie and Ross in 2010. And ever since, I get giddy at the mere thought of weddings there. It’s right up my wedding aisle with its amazing architecture and gorgeous gardens - ahhh, splendour AND tranquility. More MORE and M O R E please.

Bride & her brother walking down the aisle at Harlaxton Manor
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The gallery

Harlaxton Manor is a multi-storey-sweet-shop-superstore for an eagle-eyed wedding photographer who notices everything.

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Want to find out more about my wedding photography?

Lion sleeping statue at Harlaxton Manor
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Psst! Did you know *this* about Harlaxton Manor?

  • 1 It’s owned by an American university and hosts English students on their ‘study abroad’ programme. (Err, why did my uni not look like this?)
  • 2 The boundary that separates the gardens from the parkland used to be a railway track that was used for carrying building stone to the house.
  • 3 The manor was built for a man called Gregory Gregory. GG (as I’m sure his mates called him) took on the Gregory family name when he inherited his Uncle’s estates. Because that’s not going to be confusing, is it?!
  • 4 It took 20 years to build. (Wowsers! Even I haven’t got that level of patience.)
  • 5 At 6.5 acres, the walled garden is one of the largest in the UK.
  • 6 In 1995, some love notes were found behind a skirting board on the Gold Staircase. The writer repeatedly asks Alice to meet him in Blackie’s stall. Who was the writer? Was Alice a maid? Was Blackie a horse? Are they even real?! (Pleeeease let them be real.)