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Woburn Abbey wedding photography

For over 400 years it’s been the home of earls and dukes. But for one special day, it could be yours.

Bride and groom in front of Woburn Abbey at sunset

Ah, Woburn Abbey, my first love. Swoon! I grew up near Woburn and spent many school holidays (and sick days!) visiting the safari park there. As I grew older, my family would often take the scenic route to the motorway and drive through the estate. It captivates me just as much now as it did back then!

One fond memory I have of Woburn Abbey is leaving a wedding late at night when it was pitch black. I was driving slowly up the hill (because you can’t see far in the dark and the deer roam free at all hours) … only to see a stag with his big antlers saunter slowly and majestically across the road in front of me silhouetted by the headlights of a car coming the other way.

And that’s Woburn in a nutshell. Magical.

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My experience at Woburn Abbey

I’m into double figures for weddings I’ve shot in The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn. Now I’m on a mission to make it triple figures! It's one of my favourite places to be.

The team at Woburn is one of the best in the industry. They’ve always been incredibly supportive of me as a photographer, so I can only imagine how attentive they are to their couples.

Woburn is close to home (about 30 minutes) and I love it!

Confetti cannon at The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey
Wreath upside down

Five reasons you’ll love Woburn for your wedding photography

  • 1 There’s SO much that makes Woburn ‘Woburn’ that it’s impossible to incorporate every aspect into every set of wedding photos - which is great because it means you’ll get unique photos.
  • 2 It’s a great venue whatever the weather, with beautiful indoor/sheltered locations plus a stunning exterior for formal photos like portraits and groups.
  • 3 The Sculpture Gallery, built in 1789, is full of quirky, er, sculptures, which add an interesting and creative layer to your photos.
  • 4 On dry days, the ancient cedar tree and the gardens will inject gorgeous greenery and nature into your pictures.
  • 5 On wet days, the beautiful Camellia House and the Henry Holland corridor will keep you dry and lend your photos an extra dose of charm.
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The gallery

No judgement - other people’s weddings are a great source of ideas! Take a look at these weddings in The Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey for a bit more inspo.

Will & Louisa's wedding photos at The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn Abbey
Will & Louisa’s Spring Wedding At Woburn Abbey
Cover image for Tom & Jo's Woburn Abbey wedding blog post
Tom & Jo’s winter wedding at Woburn Abbey
Cover image for Ryan & Laura's Woburn Abbey wedding blog post
Ryan & Laura’s Spring wedding at The Sculpture Gallery, Woburn
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Did you know *this* about Woburn?

  • 1 The Sculpture Gallery was originally built as an orangery for the fifth Duke of Bedford, and he decided afterwards that it’d make a great home for his sculpture collection
  • 2 The Cedar of Lebanon tree in the gallery courtyard is over 350 years old
  • 3 The traditional afternoon tea all started at Woburn Abbey
  • 4 The Abbey isn’t the original abbey - that was demolished by the first Earl of Bedford
  • 5 The estate came very close to being ‘Alton Towers’ - before the Tussauds group bought Alton Towers
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