Jason & Charlotte’s winter wedding at Rushton Hall

February 26, 2015

Ta-dah! Our last wedding of 2014 and what a belter it was to finish with! This is the not so new now Mr & Mrs Grimmitt who got married at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart church in Wellingborough and chose Rushton Hall in Northamptonshire for their reception.

About Jason & Charlotte

I couldn’t imagine two lovelier people to photograph getting married. Two sweet, selfless souls; who were always as excited to hear my news as they were about their wedding.

They’re very different people. Charlotte is creative and tactile, bursting with enthusiasm and ideas. She loves the fluffiness and romance of weddings and values all the little details. Jason is pragmatic and keeps Charlotte’s feet on the ground but deep down he’d do anything to make her happy. As different as they are, they’re similar too – warm, kind-hearted, always chatty and ready to have a giggle. They’re the kind of darling clients that make me love what I do and their trust in my work right from the start made working with them a dream.

They chose November to get married because it was the soonest they could save for the wedding but far from being a purely practical choice the cosiness and romance of early winter really seemed to suit them. I love that they just didn’t want to wait any longer than they had to!

Not ones for an easy life, Jason and Charlotte were moving house in the same month as their wedding. Jason took on Project House and Charlotte was on Project Wedding. Charlotte was organised and knew exactly what she wanted. Charlotte is a professional musician and regularly plays at weddings so pretty much had her wedding suppliers on speed dial ready to go. She put a great team together to help bring the day to life.

The biggest thing they wanted from their photography was for it to fit in and not take over. Charlotte has seen how too many formal photos can intrude on a couple’s day and didn’t want that. So she and Jason kept things simple with just a few group photos and we were lucky to have Matt (wonderful Toastmaster!) to help with getting people together, so we got through the list in about ten minutes. Just as well because Charlotte, half-jokingly, said that photos of the details were more important than photos of the people. And there was a lot of detail to be photographed!

Jason & Charlotte’s wedding style

Jason and Charlotte met at music school so music has always been a big part of their lives. Naturally it was a big part of their wedding too. Live music during the ceremony from a choir and mini orchestra (I’m sure that’s not the right term, sorry Charlotte!) and a harpist at the drinks reception brought a fun yet serene and very elegant feel to the day. There were little touches too with confetti cones made from sheet music and composer table names.

Jason and Charlotte chose a yummy colour scheme that makes me think of toffees and fudge and caramel. Combined with berries and mulberry tones in the flowers everything felt autumnal without any orange in sight.

It was an unusual wedding in that just about every photo looked right in colour, such was the consistency of tones in the wedding styling and venue backgrounds. It’s not often that even the colours in the room for getting ready work so nicely with everything else. It was one of those weddings where everyone’s efforts really came together.

Jason’s Mum was hailed a hero for her effort too. She put months and months of love into making their wedding cake. Well worth the sleepless nights, Barbara!

The stationery was an integral part of the decor and nothing was more important than the order of service. Charlotte had been collecting order of service booklets from all her wedding gigs and was so excited to have one of her own! I loved how the ribbon, sparkles and pearlescent paper stopped the neutral creams from being bland.

Charlotte was all over creating a cosy atmosphere with candlelight and clever moodlighting. The smell of homebaked gingerbread candles and the warm glow from the lanterns on the wish tree hit you as soon as you walked into the room.

The pedestals of flowers from the church were put either side of the top table and the pew ends were put in the windows, which helped frame the room nicely. Clever use of budget, that. Jason’s influence, no doubt.

Jason & Charlotte’s wedding photography

Charlotte spent her morning laughing, hugging everyone and practicing excited smiles in the Duke Suite at Rushton Hall. Her excitement was infectious. I loved how much she enjoyed this time.

Jason and Charlotte got married at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart church in Wellingborough. It’s personal to them because Jason serves there. You could sense it was a precious wedding for the church and the personal relationships made it all the more special to be there.

Jason was under strict orders from Charlotte to cry as she walked down the aisle. He obliged. The entire ceremony was full of soul and they had immense fun singing the final hymn after the formal bits were over. Charlotte was giggling at how much fun she was having and kept giving her friends mischievous glances as they tried to concentrate on playing the music!

Jason and Charlotte chose Rushton Hall for their reception. They loved its’ stately feel and very much had a timeless, elegant wedding. But they allowed themselves lots of time to enjoy being with their guests which gave them the chilled out, relaxed reception that they wanted too.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. When choosing your colour scheme and styles work with what you already have at your venue. I say this ever such a lot but consistency really does make a difference.
  2. Pick a wedding photographer who you feel you can trust 100% and then just let them do their thing for you. You’ll get their best work that way.
  3. When telling your photographer about your plans, the why is as important as the what. An understanding of what you value can help your photographer create personal and meaningful photos.
  4. Don’t sweat the wet. Just have some wellies ready.
  5. Keep your group list short. Yes, I say that a lot too! Don’t do what hubs and I did and miss out on your drinks reception.

Have you booked Rushton Hall for your wedding?

Excellent choice! It’s a firm favourite of mine!

Check out this page to find out what makes Rushton Hall so great for wedding photography.


  1. Angela on February 27, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    Didnt have to guess who did the flowers! Congratulations to Julie-Anna, what a talented lady. Well, must say the same about the photographer.. Another lovely wedding, the bride looks as though she is really enjoying herself.

  2. Sarah Vivienne on February 28, 2015 at 7:28 pm

    Isn’t Anna brilliant? Her work is always beautiful. And thank you, yes – lovely to photograph a Bride who was clearly having so much fun.

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