Ben & Sue Mei’s British/Chinese fusion wedding at Kelmarsh Hall

Ben and Sue Mei had their wedding at Kelmarsh Hall, one of my favourite Northamptonshire wedding venues. Their day was a fabulous mix of British & Chinese wedding traditions. Abby and I had a ball experiencing and photographing it all.

Our wedding photography kicked off at Sue Mei’s parents’ house which was just a 2 minute drive from home for me. The perfect commute; I didn’t even need a sat nav!

It’s Chinese tradition for the Groom to pick up the Bride before the ceremony. But before the Groom is allowed into the house he must prove his love for his Bride in the ‘door games’, while the Bride waits upstairs. Ben’s tests were to recite a poem that he had written for Sue, to answer three questions to prove how well he knows her and to choreograph / perform a dance with his Best Man. Hilarious! Ben passed with flying colours and was then invited in to see Sue walk down the stairs with her Dad and for a family prayer.

There is great light in the Saloon at Kelmarsh Hall but to make the most of it it’s best to photograph from the front of the room where the light is falling onto you and I can see people’s faces rather than backs of heads.

A two photographer team works perfectly in this situation as you get photos of both the Bride and the Groom (one photographer can only be on one side which means the photos would favour one or the other). So I was tucked away in the window space and Abby hid behind the piano!

Ben and Sue Mei planned an unusually long drinks reception (almost three hours), partly because they wanted to make the most of everything Kelmarsh has to offer for their portraits and also to allow time for the tea ceremony.

Is Kelmarsh Hall your wedding venue?

It’s a great place, isn’t it? I know you’ll have an amazing day there.

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