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Professional wedding photo albums

A legacy of love

What one thing does every couple wish for after their wedding?

To do it all again!

Good news: You can. Well, sort of ... with a photo album!

Think of capturing your memories as the first step …
and preserving them as the final piece of the puzzle.

Your photos are a collection of images created to tell the story of your wedding. So you’ll get the most enjoyment from them when you actually present them as a story. Imagine the warm glow of nostalgia as you snuggle up together on the sofa - blankets on your laps and a beautiful book in your hands - and your memories flood back as you immerse yourself in your day again.

And that’s just the short burn.

Because a professional wedding album is for the long-term too.  

I can’t tell you how magical it is to leaf through my family wedding albums. I can watch my Nan serenely step out of the wedding car with a bouquet so long it trails on the floor. And I have an out-of-body experience as my Great Aunty Ivy dashes to her wedding car in the rain, sheltered by wedding guests with umbrellas, and yet so happy. It's like I'm right there with them on their wedding days. 

Yep, wedding albums are a gift of love to pass from generation to generation. A permanent pathway back to the past. 

“Every time we look at our album it transports us back to the best day of our lives. Everything about the day is there but most importantly it captures the love we have for each other. It’s truly magical and we’ll treasure it forever.”

Heidi & Ricky

"The album is absolutely awesome; we love it. The photos look even better than the first time we saw them, but we guess they were designed for the big stage!"

Gary & Jo

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Fine art wedding albums

Preserving memories is a big deal. So I (virtually) travelled the globe to hunt down the best of the best wedding albums. And the most insanely good-looking ones are fine art books made by Folio Albums in the UK.

They’re the Grace Kelly of wedding albums. They ooze classic elegance and their clean lines make them thoroughly modern too. 

But the experience of looking through an album isn’t just about the way it looks. It’s also about how it feels. Which in Folio’s case is exceptional.

The big thing about these albums is the smooth, matte, and highly strokable fine art paper. Your photos are printed directly onto the pages, which are just weighty enough to be sturdy but delicate enough to feel precious when you turn from page to page. And the sound of the pages turning is something else - like a meditation soundtrack!

And combined with gold-standard fine art printing, it’s very different from looking at traditional silver-halide prints. Think crystal-clear clarity, vivid detail, vibrant colours - and no shine!

My albums are...

  • Classic pieces created to last a lifetime - and beyond
  • Finished to exacting standards with exquisite attention to detail
  • Given the same generous lashings of TLC as your wedding photos
  • Designed and handmade just for you

“Well, what a magical book you created. It’s our most prized possession.”

Natasha & Richard

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Fancy a peek at some real-life wedding albums?

Prepare your peepers – I’ve got just the thing.

Beth & Jon

A 10x10" album with a 'mist' leather cover

The fine art wedding album comes in two sizes (10×10″ and 12×12″) and this is the 10-inch version. But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the small one - because the album lays flat when you open it, giving you a large 20×10″ page.

Helen & Guy

A 12x12" album with a 'blush' leather cover 

This is the larger of my two albums. But rather than cram in more pictures, we'll use the extra space to make your photos bigger. Because clean uncluttered pages show off your photos better, and you’ll be able to fully appreciate the smaller details in your pictures.

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Fine art albums start at £650,
most couples spend around £950

“Looked through our wedding album a minute ago, just because, and I’m still so grateful. It’s just the best memory and makes me smile a big cheesy grin.”


Money talks

Keen as a bean to present your photos beautifully … but perplexed by the (really rather pricey) price of pro wedding albums? Let’s go behind the scenes...

So glad we did our album. It’s the go-to we both love to recall our happy day.”

Natasha & Darren