Adrian & Naomi’s travel themed wedding at Kelmarsh Hall

A drizzly, grey, misty morning turned into a beautiful autumnal sunny afternoon and a very happy wedding day for Adrian and Naomi.

About Adrian & Naomi

As we chatted at our first meeting, I quickly got to know Adrian and Naomi as strong, witty characters with an insatiable wanderlust who, despite being incredibly busy, decide everything together and share lots of laughs together. They made me giggle so much. I’m pretty sure a night out with these two would be outrageous fun.

Adrian and Naomi got engaged at new year but with busy lives abroad and moving back to the UK, topped off with some pretty bad service along the way slowing things down, fitting in the planning for a September wedding wasn’t easy.  They did all their organising and chatting on long car journeys, bike rides and walks in the countryside. Sounds like a good way to do it to me!

Their plan was as simple as to get married and have a jolly good time. It’s easy to lose focus when you get into wedding planning but Adrian and Naomi never lost sight of what they wanted their wedding to be about, so come the day, after all the woes of planning, they were completely relaxed and beamed the happiest of smiles all day long.

Adrian and Naomi booked their wedding photography with just a few weeks to go, so we were straight into preparation from our first meeting. They’re visually discerning and knew what they wanted from their wedding photography. Classically simple and relaxed. Lots of movement. Strong composition. And shallow depth of field (that’s a mushy out of focus background!).  All very much our style.

Adrian & Naomi’s wedding style

I adored this pretty palette of peach, dusty lilac and green. It felt soft, peaceful and fresh. The succulents added a good dose of structure and modernity.

The greens worked well with their reception venue, Kelmarsh Hall, where nature and the gardens are a big feature but the colour choice also reflected the dazzling emerald in Naomi’s matching engagement ring, earrings and necklace (a wedding gift from Adrian) from Penny Farthing.

With the penny farthing being such a big part of their engagement, Adrian and Naomi used a penny farthing design on their stationery, had a model farthing for their table plan and a tiny one iced on their cake.

They expressed their love to travel with clocks showing the time in places special to them around the world, a rucksack stuffed with photos of their travels to display their guest book and a suitcase for cards and gifts.

Adrian & Naomi’s wedding photography

Steve photographed Adrian getting ready with his Best Men (his sons) at The French Partridge, a boutique hotel in Northamptonshire. There was plenty of banter, lots of gifts to open, champagne to drink and a classic E-Type to admire. The boys gave themselves plenty of time to chat and have fun while they were getting ready. It sets you up so well for the day ahead if you start in a relaxed frame of mind.

Naomi got ready at home, which is just a stone’s throw from the church. There’s something quite moving about seeing a tranquil, silent church on the way to meet a bride, knowing the whirlwind of excitement it would be host to in just a couple of hours.

Adrian & Naomi got married at St Peter & St Paul’s church in Abington; known by locals as ‘the church in the park’. It’s right in the middle of Abington Park and is an iconic Northampton landmark. I used to live very close by and attended a lot as a child, so it’s a church that had been on my wedding photographer radar since I started the business. It was lovely to see it in a different light and have the chance to photograph a wedding there.

Usually I’m like a meercat craning my neck and watching for the wedding car to arrive. Today we only had to listen!

The Reverend couldn’t have been more amiable and was very open to every part of the ceremony being photographed; even the signing of the register which usually has to be recreated after the event. There’s a balcony which gives a fantastic view overhead and plenty of space to hide at the front. It’s a joy to be able to work unrestricted in such a great space (still subtly of course) to give clients a complete record of their ceremony.

The moments as everyone comes out of the church are so full of excitement and happiness. It’s a real high point of the day and a time that I think is best photographed in a completely natural way. All those happy expressions will be priceless to look back on.

Every season looks great at Kelmarsh Hall but there’s something particularly striking about autumn.

Adrian & Naomi lived in the moment all day long and clearly had a ball. There was plenty of time for fun as well as the ‘not so formal’ formal photos during the drinks reception and then it was time to eat, drink and party hard.

Tips for couples planning a similar wedding

  1. Plan, plan, plan before your wedding. And on the day, enjoy it for what it is. A relaxed, elated feeling will come across beautifully in your photos.
  2. Give yourself time to enjoy the excitement after your ceremony as your guests come out of the church. These are moments worth savouring.
  3. No matter how short your drinks reception is, give yourself time to actually enjoy a drink. This is the part of the day that goes the quickest and if you spend too much of it on formal photos you may feel short-changed.
  4. Have fun and your guests will have fun with you.
  5. Always build in more time than you think you’ll need for getting ready. Much better to have spare time to enjoy than be frantic and rushing about.

Are you planning a wedding at Kelmarsh Hall?

Congratulations if you are! You have great taste!

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