Danny & Zoe’s Italian Gardens engagement portraits

May 6, 2015

Danny, Zoe and I met at Castle Ashby for their engagement portrait shoot. The gardens there are stunning. Not to mention big! So we settled on the Italian gardens area for their photos. There are lots of great backgrounds for photos in this part of the gardens, including an amazing orangery.

Like any couple, Danny and Zoe were nervous as we began their pre-wedding shoot but it’s one of those things where the not knowing what to expect is far more scary than the actual event. I love looking through the photos afterwards because you can see how nervous a couple is in their first few pictures but then pretty quickly their expressions and body language become more relaxed.

Getting all those nerves out of the way beforehand will make your couple portraits much easier and much faster on your wedding day because we’ll be able to get straight into the photos without needing time to calm nerves and ‘warm up’.

Danny, Zoe and I tried out lots of different looks and poses. This is a great chance to experiment and see what suits you. Danny and Zoe have since told me which photos they like best and why; and armed with this feedback I can concentrate on the style of portraits they prefer for their wedding photos, rather than spending their precious time creating all that variety again.

Investing an hour in a pre-wedding shoot can cut your wedding day portraits down to as little as 10 minutes, leaving you free to enjoy your day as much as possible.

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