Post-wedding photoshoots

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Give your wedding dress (and you!) another excuse to shine bright

...with a post-wedding shoot

It was one of the most incredible days of your life.

(And, let’s be honest: You looked amazing!)

But who says you only get to wear your wedding dress once?

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What if there was a way to enjoy wearing your wedding dress one more time…

(Without wearing it around the house.)

Good news: There is!

Introducing your post-wedding shoot by SVP

A post-wedding shoot is your opportunity to wear your dress, feel like a star, and create beautiful photos...


(And I promise, it’ll be just as fun as the first time.)

Why do it? For fun.

It’s also ideal if your wedding photos didn’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped. Maybe the weather was less than dreamy, or you ran out of time on the day.

Whatever your reason, this is your chance to feel like a bride again.

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You'll love it because you'll...

  • Get to wear your dream dress one more time
  • Enjoy wedding excitement all over again
  • Be pampered and spoiled like Kate Moss
  • Feel like a star with professional hair and make-up
  • Lap up every moment with a day devoted to you and your dress

Location location location

You can have your post-wedding shoot pretty much anywhere...

We can go back to your wedding venue (with their permission, of course) or we can go on an adventure.

Past locations include a farm, the beach, a lavender field, a wildflower meadow, a vintage railway, a deliciously derelict wing of a stately home...

Just tell me where you'd like shoot, and I'll arrange it for you.

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Feeling excited?

Bring your butterflies with you and explore some of my past post-wedding photo shoots

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  • A half-day experience
  • Professional hair & make-up
  • An e-book to help you prepare
  • All the guidance (and bag carrying) you need on the day
  • 100 gorgeous (and edited) photos

For some locations, there might be a venue hire fee and/or travel costs. Please allow extra budget for this.

My favourite part was how special I felt again (I thought I would only feel that way on my wedding day). The photos are incredible, but when it’s Sarah shooting, I expect nothing less. It was lovely to see my husband’s face when he saw the photos, just how he looked when he saw me on the big day.  ~ Beth Carswell ~

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Your VIP post-wedding shoot experience awaits

Brochure - Post-Wedding Shoot

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Put your feet up and browse some past post-wedding shoots while you wait for your brochure to arrive

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