Recommended String Quartet | Ariella Strings

Having been part of the wedding industry for over a decade, I’ve worked alongside lots of other wedding suppliers. In fact, you see so many businesses in the course of shooting weddings that after a while there’s a very clear ‘average’ quality and it’s not often you come across someone that catches your attention. But Ariella Strings stands out among the crowd.

I first worked alongside Team Ariella in 2011 and they’ve continued to blow me away ever since. It’s not just their music (although that is absolutely divine!), it’s their entire ethos, enthusiasm and experience. 

On a wedding day, they’re always smart and work tidily (messy bags, takeaway coffee cups and music sheets blowing around spring to mind with other string groups!). They’re professional and discreet but always ready to have fun when the moment is right. They add a very special atmosphere.

I may not have used them personally but all the wedding show chat and coffee catch-ups over the years have given me a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into how much they care and how amazing their service and standards are. They take their work extremely seriously and you’d be hard-pushed to find anyone with the same passion and such unwavering high standards.

I only vouch for the most brilliant businesses and couldn’t recommend Ariella Strings more highly.

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Instagram: ariella_stringsuk