How I did it | Gamboling lambs at Fawsley Hall

Lambs gamboling in the fields at Fawsley Hall

I’m not sure who felt more joy in this moment. Me? Or these adorable little lambs?!⁣

I was shooting a wedding at Fawsley Hall in the Northamptonshire countryside…

… Everyone had sat down for dinner and I ventured outside to relax for a bit. There’s a stunning view of the hills and lake across to Fawsley church which I love to soak up. It’s always stunning but especially so this time; with a field full of spritely spring lambs.⁣

So I seized the opportunity to capture the season and setting of the wedding day.

This frolicsome threesome was standing mischievously on a tree stump, eyeing me up inquisitively, and weighing up whether it was safe to play with me there or if they should run back to mum. I approached them tentatively, camera in hand, wondering how close I could get without scaring them off.

I quietly took a shot and slowly moved in a little closer; then took another shot and moved in closer still… all the time hoping that I didn’t spook them. They watched me intently; their curious eyes following my every move. Turns out, they were little show-offs!⁣

One lamb jumped off the tree stump, swiftly followed by the other two. They ran to the edge of the ha-ha which separated us and followed it to the far end of the field where they turned around and then came gambolling back over the molehills towards me! ⁣

This went on for a little while. Up and down they went, up and down, coming towards me, a little closer each time, and then running away again! It was as if they were actually performing for the camera! ⁣

But then, tired out from the excitement, they stopped right in front of me, posed for a group photo and then ran back to their mum for a drink. All so cute!⁣

I’m so grateful for a job that frequently takes me into nature and allows me to enjoy things like this.⁣