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Wish you had a photography fairy godmother to share her wedding wisdom with you?

Somebody's karma collection must be high...
because your wish just came true!

Settle in, make yourself at home and swot up on all things wedding photography.

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How to plan for phenomenal photos

Praying to the wedding gods that your wedding photos will be sans rain and chaos?

I’ve got something even better...

A series of articles to guide you with your wedding plans - and set the stage for the best possible photos.

Best confetti wedding photos blog post cover image
How to get the best confetti wedding photos
Cover image for blog post with wedding photo tips for mums and mother figures
Wedding photography advice for mums
Cover image for blog post about golden hour and sunset wedding photos
Golden hour and sunset wedding photos
Cover image for blog post on things I wish I'd known about wedding photography before I got married
Wedding photography mistakes
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Inspo and ideas to go

From editorial shoots to inspire your wedding styling through to how to take amazing honeymoon photos, here's a collection of ideas you can steal, borrow and use for yourself.

Cover image for wedding traditions blog post
Traditions for modern weddings
Cover image for unusual wedding ideas blog post
A general guide to generally good (and gorgeous) wedding ideas
Cover image for blog post about ways to honour lost loved ones at weddings
Heartfelt ways to remember lost loved ones at your wedding
Cover for blog post with links to useful wedding planning ideas from around the internet
Useful wedding planning tips and ideas
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The weather guides

You’ve set the date.

Now prepare to develop multiple weather app addictions - and embark on an endless quest to work out which app is the most accurate.

You won’t be able to help yourself.

But you can help yourself to these articles which reveal how to handle whatever the weather throws at you.

Cover image for blog post about wedding photography in the rain
Wet wedding photography tips
Cover image for blog post about wedding photography in the wind
Windy wedding photography tips
Cover image for blog post about wedding photography on a hot day
Hot and sunny wedding photography tips
Cover image for blog post about winter wedding photography
Winter wedding photography tips
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Dog-friendly weddings

Need a helping paw involving the rest of your family (aka the furry ones!) in your wedding photography?

I’ve done the trial, error and poop-scooping for you with a special fur-baby guide devoted to helping you create a dog-friendly wedding – without the stress.

Cover image for blog post about Stapleford Park - a dog friendly wedding venue in Leicestershire
Stapleford Park – A Dog Friendly Wedding Venue
Four ways to get photos of your dog at your wedding
Ten pooch-approved secrets for photographing dogs at weddings
A wedding ceremony reading for dog lovers
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Have I missed something?

Got a burning question or lingering struggle? Want to hunt down a hard-to-find supplier? Or in search of info on a specific topic?

I’m here - and happy - to help. 

Tell me about it in an email so I can send you a solution - and continue to make this space a great resource for other couples.