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Settle in and make yourself at home while I share the wisdom I’ve gained, the lessons I’ve learned and the secrets of my heart as a wedding photographer.

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How to ...


Praying to the wedding gods that your wedding day will be sans rain and chaos? I’ve got something even better: A series of articles devoted to guiding you through exactly what to do to prevent anything ruining your wedding photos.

How to slow down time on your wedding day blog post cover
How to find more time and have a calm wedding day
Cover image for blog post about unplugged weddings
Why are unplugged weddings a thing and should you have one?
Cover image for blog post about implications iof arriving late for wedding ceremony
Arriving late for your ceremony: fashionable or risky?
Cover image for blog post about telling your photographer the reasons for your wedding ideas
Things to tell your wedding photographer – episode 1

Navigate the awkward stuff

Have a question that you’re uncomfortable to ask? From dysfunctional families and warring bridesmaids through to grieving for missing family members and dealing with disabilities in group photos, I’ve got solutions ready to roll.

Cover image for blog post about ways to honour lost loved ones at weddings
Heartfelt ways to remember lost loved ones at your wedding

Feel calm and confident with your wedding photography

Worrying about how to speed-up your group photos, how to get good pics (when you’re an introvert that hates having their photo taken), and even how to respond to your mum when she’s panicking about the house being too messy for photos? Take a deep breath. Then explore the articles below (I promise they’ll even satisfy your worrisome mum).

Cover image for blog post about feeling at ease in front of the camera
How to feel confident in front of the camera…
Five ways to make sure the rain doesn't spoil your photos blog post cover image
Five ways to make sure the rain doesn’t spoil your wedding photography
Ten reasons to love a wet wedding blog post cover image
10 reasons to love a wet wedding

Assembling your wedding suppliers

SVP-recommended wedding services

Want to steal my wedding supplier secret weapons? Meet my Little Black Book Blog of Recommended Suppliers! This series reveals the industry colleagues that repeatedly impress me and that I trust to go above and beyond to ensure my couples have a fabulous day.

Serendipity Brides Weedon 2015
Serendipity Brides
Courtyard Bridal Boutique Lubenham 2003
Courtyard Bridal Boutique
Cover for blog post about Once Upon A Time wedding flowers
Wedding Florist in Northants & Market Harborough
Cover image for blog post about Ariella Strings
Recommended String Quartet | Ariella Strings

How to mastermind your wedding dream team

After over a decade of working in the wedding industry, I’ve developed a deep understanding of exactly what goes into making a wedding amazing. One of the most important ingredients? A great team! Ready to build yours? Click on an article below to get started. 


Wedding wisdom from wise experts

One mind is marvellous … but more is better! I’ve enlisted the help of some of the wedding industry’s cleverest minds to support you in creating your ultimate wedding day. AND they’re sharing all the juicy gossip on the best and worst things about their jobs! It’s like a superhero reality series … but for your wedding (so, way more important).

Cover image for blog interview with Martin Charles Bridal Couture
An interview with Martin Charles Bridal Couture
Cover for blog post about Millie Stone Wedding Stationery
Wedding Stationery by Millie Stone
Cover image for blog post interview with Courtyard bridal Boutique
Recommended wedding dress shop in Market Harborough
Mt Perfect Ceremony blog interview cover image
An interview with | My Perfect Ceremony Outdoor Wedding Celebrant

The general guides collection …

Inspo and ideas to go

From editorial shoots to inspire your wedding styling through to how to take amazing honeymoon photos, I’m sharing a collection of ideas you can steal, borrow and use for yourself.

Cover image for blog post about tipi wedding at Sywell Grange
Laid-back luxury tipi wedding ideas
Cover image for blog post of intimate wedding ideas
Intimate wedding ideas
Cover image for blog post about intimate wedding venues in Northampton
Intimate wedding venues in Northamptonshire
Cover image for blog post about the joys of an intimate wedding
The joy of intimate weddings

Creating a dog-friendly wedding

Need a helping paw involving the rest of your family (aka the furry ones!) in your wedding photography? I’ve done the trial, error and poop-scooping for you with a special fur-baby guide devoted to helping you create a dog-friendly wedding – without the stress.

Cover image for blog post about Stapleford Park - a dog friendly wedding venue in Leicestershire
Stapleford Park – A Dog Friendly Wedding Venue
Four ways to get photos of your dog at your wedding
Ten pooch-approved secrets for photographing dogs at weddings
A wedding ceremony reading for dog lovers
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Have I missed something?

Do you have any burning questions or lingering struggles? Want to hunt down a hard-to-find supplier? Or soak up wisdom on a specific topic?

I’m here to help. 

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